Is your bedroom or living room a cluttered mess even when it’s clean? Perhaps it’s time to see if some of your stuff includes furniture you can live without.

Are you need of freeing up a little space for some new furniture? Take a hard look at your nightstand and coffee table. Do you really use those items regularly? If not, maybe it’s time to cut down furniture that seems to simply be a place to pile things up when you don’t know where else to put them.

Home decorating is exciting and dreadful all at once. But, if done with discipline, you give yourself an opportunity to live and look at a beautiful dream rather than an awful nightmare.

Think you’ll be needing another bookshelf or an ottoman in your bedroom? Think again. Instead of being efficiency with space, these items often clutter rooms with unnecessary furniture. Remember: less is more. With that rule in mind, here are five pieces of furniture you can live without:

Large, heavy bookcases

Bookshelves eat up a lot of space and often times, your home is fine without it—better, even.  Ask this question before you buy or take home that hand-me-down bookcase from your grandpa: Do you really need to keep all those books? Do you plan on reading most of those books again, and are they really books worth putting on display in your home?

There might be a few you can donate or give away. Yes, bookcases are nice to have, but large bulky ones, take away valuable space for other necessary furniture pieces. You might want to opt for an alternative as bookcases are typically an item of furniture you can live without.

Wall-mounted shelves are great space-savers that offers convenience and storage with little effort. Have you given E-books a try yet? Feel free to read your favorite novels anywhere, anytime. If you really can’t let go of it, why not use it as a rack for your displays and knickknacks?
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Sofa side tables

We’ve been raised accustomed to having sofa side tables as well as center tables in the living room. It seems natural to place these tables in the living room within the layout of the sofa however, do you really have to?

It seems as though these are only unnecessary items that will ignite unnecessary clutter. If you have these tables in your living room now, observe in the next fortnight how you maximize these tables, and if they do have functions. If these tables consumes dust within the period, time to take it away.

Now you have more space to walk in and space for other useful items.

TV stands and entertainment centers

TVs are getting thinner and thinner—curved, even. The need for TV racks and stands have declined in demand as a result. Simply mount your entertainment screen on the wall for ease for use and convenience.

Gone are the days where entertainment equipment consisted of six huge and heavy items. A tiny table to accompany speakers and a DVD player or cable box is usually enough in the living room. If you’re up for a clean slate, ditching your television for good is another option. You might be surprised how much great stuff is out there in the world when you simply unplug for a while.

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Nightstands and corner tables

What is it with home owners’ obsession with tables? People tend to think that putting nightstands on each side of the bed is mandatory. A small functional side shelf is usually enough.

This goes the same for corner tables. Your need for maximizing every inch of space available is understandable. But too many tables can quickly make things cluttered.


Doesn’t it feel nice going home and laying down to a recliner with your feet up after a long and tiring day at work? It sure is nice to watch your favorite show with your feet up, all relaxed. Do you really need that recliner though? Surely you have a bed where you can lay down and relax.

How about you? What furniture pieces have you managed to eliminate and how did it affect you and your daily living? Share it with us!

Author Bio: Chie Suarez is a passionate writer for PAAL Kit Homes, a company that manufactures and supplies steel-framed kit homes that help Australian families build their dream home. Chie has a deep interest in home design and decoration.