Have you decided which interior home design should be your theme this season? Minimalist and modern are great, but drawing inspiration from the French might suit best for you.

When you think of French culture, what comes first the top of your mind aside from The Eiffel Tower? Well, France and Paris, in general, are synonymous with having impeccable style. They’re the masters of contemporary and classic style from clothing to interior design.

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The secret to decorating your home like at true “Parisian” is no secret at all. Achieve a classic and seamless style that is sleek and sophisticated.

Keep it chic with neutral palette

Neutral doesn’t always equate to plain. Neutral can be sleek and intriguing. The keys to a Parisian home are white walls, neutral palettes, and hints of bold colors and artistry on the side.

Neutral hues work well together without clashing, and they are easy to live with which is one of the important factors. Not too much thinking is required in terms of other objects going well with the background palette.

A neutral palette creates a simple, livable and breathable atmosphere the very moment you walk in on it. Leave grand statements to the set pieces.

Mix the old with the new

Pulling off a monomaniac style means not allowing your space to live up to its full potential. Don’t restrict yourself to one element of style. Mix things up as the French do.

Mix decors and designs from different eras with modern style. This concept also applies to art and book displays. Be eclectic and eccentric.

Remember, a few period pieces of furniture and other features won’t hurt or take the shine out of a modern TV display. You’ll be surprised at how well flea market treasures blend alongside a modern piece of furniture.

Go for antique furniture

Look up Parisian homes on the web, and you’ll notice something recurrent in each living room or bedroom decor and design. They often feature distinct and unique, antique furniture that truly stands out from the rest.

France is a land of nostalgia. Stroll along the streets and transform to a bygone era–à la the Midnight in Paris (film).

Think of artwork or posters dating back to the 60s or 70s. Similarly, furniture pieces that are hand-me-downs from ancestors and the like, are game-changers when trying to achieve a Parisian look.

Be audacious

Confining your creativity and resisting to get out of your safe zone isn’t a quality the French embody. The secret to decorating like a Parisian? Be audacious.

We all want a perfect space but ‘perfection’ is nonexistent. Mix different styles, take risks and be bold. Place all the pieces in front and worry about fitting them all together later. So long as things are in proportion and complement one another, you’ll achieve a stunning look.

Add sparkle and gold

French interiors are excellent at making subtle yet grand statements. Fixtures may be audacious, but rarely are they ultra-modern. Instead, look for sentimental pieces that look as if they’ve been around since the era of Marie Antoinette.

Look for items like chandeliers, gold-framed mirrors, and other embellishments.To put it simply, the older the fixture, the better. Style, like a fine wine, improves with age.

Embrace the light

French homes are incredibly bright and airy. They allow natural light to shine on a space’s focal point as well as its complementing elements. Natural lighting highlights all the fixtures and elements in the space and allows it each to have its moment.

About the Author: Chie Suarez is a passionate writer for PAAL Kit Homes, a company that manufactures and supplies steel-framed kit homes that help Australian families build their dream home. Chie has a deep interest in home design and decoration.