With its durability and warm butter-colored wood, teak makes a great choice for outdoor furniture. Moreover, teak has a natural composition of “rubber and oils [that] serves as Mother Nature’s weatherproofing, protecting against water, rot and insects, ensuring that your furnishings will last year after year”. While teak is a popular choice for patio furniture, there are still a few things you should keep in mind when shopping for teak patio furniture.



Because of its natural abilities to withstand the elements, most regard teak as a high-end material for outdoor furniture. For this reason, it’s more expensive than other materials. For people who like to change their décor regularly, teak might not be the ideal choice. On the other hand, for anyone who plans to hang onto their set for a long time to come, a teak patio set is a solid investment.

Weathering Concerns

When placed in the sun, unfinished teak can lose its rich buttery color. Teak naturally turns a silver gray after years of exposure to sunlight. While many homeowners choose to oil their teak to prevent this color-change, some oils may promote the growth of mold or mildew.

Many people prefer to buy pre-weathered teak, however, so they bring home a silver-gray set to begin with. If you like the natural butter tones of teak but don’t want the oil, take care to provide your furniture with shade or purchase covers.

Is Teak Sustainable Wood?

The demand for teak has many people concerned about the impact of deforestation. While not all teak has been harvested with sustainability in mind, much of today’s teak wood comes from plantations that employ sustainable practices. Look for FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) furniture. Furniture boasting this certification is environmentally friendly.

Teak patio furniture is a smart choice for anyone who wants a quality set designed to withstand the elements. Although teak furniture may seem like a boring addition to your backyard garden, they come with a variety of “materials and styles ranging from contemporary teak to resin wicker to sculptured wood” . Keep these considerations in mind, however, when shopping for your teak outdoor furniture. Be sure to ask your vendor if you have any other questions about teak wood.

Check out this video on how to treat patio teak furniture:

Teak Varies in Quality by Section of the Tree

Teak furniture quality varies depending on which section of the teak tree the wood originates from. Truly high-grade teak comes from the inner rings of the tree. Known as “heart wood,” this wood boasts the water-and-weather-resistant qualities for which teak is so widely reknowned.

The outer ring of so-called “sap wood” is more susceptible to rotting, insects. Typically, this wood is not considered a furniture-grade material.

CK Vaughn originally published this post in July of 2014. Author made subsequent edits and enhancements, then republished to include new information.