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Organizational Ideas for the New Year

With the New Year fast approaching, folks are more than likely sitting down with a pen and some paper ready to hash out some resolutions next year. Most of the resolutions will be familiar; eat healthier, exercise more, pick up a new hobby (you know, the things you wanted to do this but just didn’t get around to doing). Instead of rolling out the same ... Read more

Simple Guidelines When Remodeling Your Home

You have been planning to remodel your home for quite some time now. You have allotted ample period on generating ideas and have saved enough money for the materials that you need in the alteration phase. But then a problem arises; you don’t know how to execute your concepts. You have no idea whether home appliances made in the Philippines, China, or elsewhere are best ... Read more

5 Pieces of Furniture You Can Live Without

Is your bedroom or living room a cluttered mess even when it's clean? Perhaps it's time to see if some of your stuff includes furniture you can live without. Are you need of freeing up a little space for some new furniture? Take a hard look at your nightstand and coffee table. Do you really use those items regularly? If not, maybe it’s time to ... Read more

7 Easy Steps to an Efficient and Organized Kitchen

How does your kitchen hold up before, during and after the holidays? Scratch that -- how’s your kitchen looking now? It either looks clean and well-organized, or it's the messy nightmare that all homeowners dread to see. The kitchen is usually the heart of the home, and it's the most used space of the house. If you find yourself constantly checking your fridge, cabinets and ... Read more