meditating in a wellness haven at home

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to spend more time at home. So, why not transform your living space into a wellness haven? It doesn’t take much money to refresh your home into a healthier space. Below are a few ideas to get you started.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Medical research shows that excess clutter in your home causes stress and inhibits your ability to focus and process information. The simple act of decluttering turns your house into a restful space that is easier to clean and keep organized.

Make it a weekend project with a friend or dedicate time to the process each day. First, go through each room of your house and donate or sell any items you no longer use.

Next, digitize your important papers with a PDF merging tool. Instead of creating many files, this tool keeps everything in one document, making it easier to find your records later. You can even digitally move the PDF file pages around to store your documents in the proper order.

Cozy Up Your Fireplace

Make your fireplace a favorite relaxation space this winter by rearranging your furniture to a cozy layout. Toss large pillows and soft throws over the couches and chairs for even more comfort.

Before using your fireplace, have it professionally inspected and cleaned by a certified ‘chimney cleaner.’ For between $100 to $300, this professional will check your chimney for unusual odors, structural issues, and smoke leakage.

Any blockages will be removed along with the soot and debris. This service protects you from the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and a chimney fire.

Create a Retreat Space

Every home has an area perfect for creating a dedicated retreat spot for relaxation. Look for a nook under the attic or staircase, a big closet, or a spare room. Even a quiet corner in a large room will do as part of your wellness haven.

Then, add a comfortable chair, an ottoman, and a table. Finally, place whatever makes you happy in the space, such as craft supplies, books, plants, or photos of loved ones. Use this private retreat to refresh yourself emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Upgrade Your Bath Supplies

One treasured way to unwind is a long soak in the tub. You can upgrade your bathing experience by purchasing a scented candle, luxurious bath oil, and a moisturizing face mask. Consider a bathtub tray to hold a cup of tea or glass of wine, fruit, cheese, and chocolates.

Then, play your favorite relaxing tunes as you soak away your stress. Finish by drying off with a fluffy towel and putting on your coziest robe and slippers.

Build a Backyard Hideout

backyard golf as part of a wellness haven

If you’ve always dreamed of updating your landscape by adding your own backyard hideout, now is a great time to use some of your savings to build one. You can also check out loans that will work for your circumstances.

For example, you can refinance your home loan to a lower interest rate and smaller monthly payment to start saving money or take out some of your equity. If you’re a veteran, check out an Interest Rate Reduction Loan with the Department of Veterans Affairs for a streamlined refinance that requires minimal paperwork and can be completed pretty quickly. Start by keeping an eye out for the latest VA IRRRL rates.

Try one or more of these ideas to turn your home into a wellness haven. Being able to relax in your house can make dealing with the pandemic a bit easier.