We have reached the fifth month of the year, yet it’s never too late to redecorate your own home based 2016 interior design trends. As we all know, the contemporary interior design is evolving. Interior designers all around the globe seek ideas from different eras and perspectives to recreate new trends.

If you’re looking forward to keeping up with the trends of 2016 contemporary interior design, here are some of the best design ideas you may mimic in your very own space. These ideas are gathered from the three reputable interior design and architecture blogs: Houzz, Architectural Digest, and Interior Design Media.

Custom Furniture

Do you have a particular theme or design style in mind that might be too peculiar for typical furniture shops to match? The trend of yearning for originality and individuality in 2015 continues this year, and will probably continue for the next years to come. Start breaking conventions by displaying custom-built pieces like shelves, tables, couches, beds, light fixtures, and other decors with odd shapes, forms, colors, and patterns that will make your humble abode distinct from other homes.

Custom furniture pieces also enable modern spaces like apartments or condominium units whose sizes are quite smaller to still shine despite their lack of space. One size does not fit all, so instead of looking for the ready-made ones in stores, hire a professional to build the pieces that would fit perfectly in your space.

Distressed Wallpapers

Papers that resemble industrial finishes will be a huge hit this 2016, says John Sherman, Founder of Flavor Paper. These will be of great help to folks who appreciate the odd beauty of industrial interior design but can’t commit to the idea of permanent faux paint finishes to create a distressed look. Wallpapers that mimic painted bricks, distressed cement, salvaged wood create an illusion of rough texture to walls, tables, and shelves, and therefore add twist to one’s sleek and minimalist interior.

Seamless and Functional Pieces

Multifunctional pieces continue to transcend from just clever space savers to stylish, worth-keeping home decors. The concept is basically to make “function” meet “elegance” seamlessly. One of the best examples is the bed created by Elise Fouin. It looks ordinary at first, yet it has a headboard that becomes a desk and a shelf when reversed.

Multi-functional furniture is not a new concept, though, but the booming technology makes the pieces more innovative than before. For instance, Ikea recently introduced series of lamps, bedside tables, and desks that also function to wirelessly charge portable electronic devices placed on top of them. The functions start becoming more tech-oriented to meet the demands of the household’s modern conveniences.

Quiet Hues

The interior design also has this term called “color palette cleanse” which serves as an antidote to today’s “fast-paced lifestyle.” Some of the leading wallpaper and paint brands are moving towards toned down and quiet hues from cold grays to warm stone hues this 2016. According to the New York-based designer Stacy Garcia, the reason for this design cleanse is “to find quiet simplicity amongst the noise.” To complement the quiet hues are warm metals like gold, brass, copper, and rose, which will continue to dominate this year.

Punched-up White Kitchen

White kitchen walls, cabinets, and countertops never get out of style. Using white creates the illusion of an open, large space, which is ideal for most kitchens. This 2016, many homeowners and designers are thinking of creative ways on how to subtly add character to their pristine kitchen space, like having a colored standout island, adding statement tiles, using raw materials like wood, copper, and iron, and even adding bookshelves.

Grandiose Bathrooms and Powder Rooms

Now you have another valid reason to stay in the bathroom longer. Bathrooms that look like living areas are in this 2016. Lavish crystal chandeliers, dramatic wall coverings and graphic wallpapers, eye-catching statement mirrors, and bidets will make the bathroom one of your favorite parts of the house.

Modern fireplaces and fire features

You may enjoy the comfort and the coziness brought by rustic cabins and the modern day conveniences at the same time. Fireplaces are making their way back to the focal point of every living room. Compared to the old, traditional ones, the fireplaces are now more smoke-free, which will create a more pleasant ambiance.

Eclectic style

“Mix, mix, and mix!” says designer Isabel López-Quesada. Instead of focusing on just sleek and classy, the design this year opens the door for ideas drawn from the past and mixing them with modern pieces. You may put in an Edwardian wing chair, a Medieval-inspired chandelier, and a retro side table all in one room with a few touches of chrome and glass. With careful attention to details and proportions, making the world of the 18th century meet the world of the 21st century will result in a fascinating eclectic approach, rather than a messy clash of different dimensions.

Author Bio: A large house on a hill, surrounded by trees and chirping birds is what Carmina Natividad hopes for in the future. She is one of the daytime writers for Pilcher Real Estate, a growing agency of six real estates professionals based in Australia to feed her broad imagination.