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6 Hot Interior Design Trends for Summer 2016

Interior design is a constantly morphing industry that lives and breathes change. Whether small and subtle or large and sweeping, the changes that occur in within the interior design industry continue to make themselves heard and felt round the world. We humans love to "nest", and in doing so we feather our particular nests according to what is current and our personal taste in ... Read more

Redecorating Your Home With 2016 Contemporary Interior Design

We have reached the fifth month of the year, yet it's never too late to redecorate your own home based 2016 interior design trends. As we all know, the contemporary interior design is evolving. Interior designers all around the globe seek ideas from different eras and perspectives to recreate new trends. If you're looking forward to keeping up with the trends of 2016 contemporary interior ... Read more

Kitchen Design Trends For 2016

The kitchen is not only the focal point of a home, but also one of the biggest and potentially disruptive renovation projects you can undertake. Whatever your tastes, needs, or budget, the end result will be well worth it, sometimes it’s just getting started that is the challenge. Here’s a look at some of the emerging and evolving kitchen design trends that are set ... Read more

6 Interior Design Trends for 2016

As 2015 draws to a close, there are several fashion forward interior design trends to consider as we enter the new year. Builders and designers are exploring a wide array of styles, palates and design options to change the way a space looks and is interpreted by its inhabitants. The focus for 2016 involves the different forms and way color and fabric can function ... Read more