interior design trends for summer 2016

Interior design is a constantly morphing industry that lives and breathes change. Whether small and subtle or large and sweeping, the changes that occur in within the interior design industry continue to make themselves heard and felt round the world. We humans love to “nest”, and in doing so we feather our particular nests according to what is current and our personal taste in combination. The emerging interior design trends for summer 2016 are no exception.

Since we like to freshen up periodically, interior designers help us bring things into focus in the form of trends for every season all year long. For 2016, and particularly as we move into summer, there are some constants that are appearing for interior design trends that might help you decide on your favorite trends for freshening your nest.

Overall Color Palettes

Walls, floors, and more are moving away from colder grays and trending toward neutrals or a muted palette if color is introduced on these large surfaces. Bright white and alabaster are colors of the year for some of the biggest paint companies in 2016. The other trending colors for 2016 are a dusty pink and a soft, muted blue. Florals are also making a comeback this year with watercolor styles being predominant when pulling floral fabrics into the picture.

Bold Color Pops

A single piece of furniture, a pillow or two, a piece of artwork or footstool or rug – these are the places where bolder color pops are making an appearance this year. Taking one or two accent pieces and strategically placing them in a room make for dynamic appeal that creates focus without clutter. Speaking of clutter – that is out for 2016. Minimalist ideals are in the forecast for this year getting rooms cleaner and less full.


Copper was the biggest metal trend of 2015 and it is certainly still holding everyone captive as this year has unfolded, however the biggest news for metal accents is a re-emergence of brass, gold and rose gold. These warmer metals are tying together the feel being created with the neutral color palettes and creating focal points that are warm as well as glittering and bright.


2016 is the year of mix-and-match textures and styles. Taking clean, modern furniture and bringing in lots of bold texture with wood, industrial accents, marble, free-form ceramics and things like photo groupings that have inherent meaning for you are definitely in the picture for this year. Sourcing reclaimed pieces so they have a second life is also very big for this year – barn wood as a new farm table for the kitchen or dining room is a great example.

Mid-Century Furniture (& Older)

We have been seeing a trend with the return of mid-century furniture, and now we are seeing that trend continue plus expand to include pieces and styles from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Taking these beautiful, functional pieces of furniture and incorporating them along with more modern ensembles in either formal or casual settings is huge right now. Adding in vintage florals – whether as upholstery or in accents added to the pieces – is another trend that is popping up everywhere.

Concrete Tiles and Herringbone

Painted concrete tiles are being seen in all sorts of applications and in a variety of rooms in 2016. The design possibilities are endless, and these pieces can be used for flooring, wall covering, backsplashes, bath areas and used as accents. Along with the painted concrete tiles, herringbone patterns have been coming up for a while now and are a really strong presence in many ways – also as flooring or backsplashes, most commonly. Both elements are extremely functional and facilitate a variety of uses making them a great way to add visual and functional appeal to the home.

All in all, the interior design trends for Summer 2016 are building on what we saw in 2015 with a few creative turns included. There are always bits that come along as the year moves along, but these six elements are what seem to be trending the strongest right now as we move into the summer months. Stay tuned, however, as things will surely change moving forward – interior design always embraces change to help us re-feather our nests.

[Image Credit: stockasso / 123RF Stock Photo]