cover-interior-trendAs 2015 draws to a close, there are several fashion forward interior design trends to consider as we enter the new year. Builders and designers are exploring a wide array of styles, palates and design options to change the way a space looks and is interpreted by its inhabitants. The focus for 2016 involves the different forms and way color and fabric can function within both commercial and residential structures.

Here is a look at some of the changes in interior design that are emerging as the top trends for the coming year. These include changes in the transparency of windows and other uses of glass, bringing trees indoor, exchanging gallery size art for focus pieces, the use of rugs and carpets that make an artful statement, and, a move toward shades of blue as a color choice.

1. Opaque is the New Clear

opaqueDesigners like Kelly Wearstler and L.A. designer Christian May are opting for a 70s throwback smoked glass finish as an alternative to traditional clear glass. The move toward a more opaque look as a design element transforms a room into one of intrigue and intimacy. The use of a smoked glass is appearing in different design elements like various types of furniture pieces, which can enhance the elegance of a space.

2. Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

meyer-lemon-treesThe addition of trees as an indoor decorating element brings new life to a home or commercial space. Trees are not just for Christmas time; trees can also change the way a space looks and feels all year round. Certain dwarf trees, like dwarf Meyer lemon trees, can add to the freshness and smell of the indoors. Citrus type trees are not only good at improving smell but as an emerging interior design trend for 2016, they do not require a lot of sunlight in order to flourish.

3. Whimsy is a Win

CS125X3Let your imagination run free with whimsical flair in 2016. Spruce up an old chandelier by add translucent art glass candle sleeves, such as the ones pictured above. These dazzling, hand-spun candle sleeves are charming enough to enchant the likes of princess, as they can be found in Cinderella’s Castle at Walt Disney World in Tokyo, Japan.

4. Bigger Art is More Art

oversized-artThe use of a feature wall allows a designer to focus attention, where a single design element or feature is concentrated. Although this look is typically accomplished through the use of paint or wallpaper, designers are turning to the use of oversized artwork as a way to create a feature wall that is counter to the use of several smaller, gallery size pieces.

5. Tapestry that Transforms Floors into Art

carpet-artRugs placed in a room that employ irregular shape or patterns can have the same dramatic impact in a room and help break up a monotonous design grid. This is what designers are seeking to achieve as part of the design trend for 2016. Shimmering designs, silk fabric rendering and designs like those created by Marc Phillips are an homage to medieval tapestry, transforming design into art.

6. Blue is the New Black

bluenewblackShades of indigo (blues and purples) termed moody indigo are becoming a predominant choice for designers as a design color palette. Designers such as Stephanie Coutas advocate the use of a color palette that within a small scheme of colors. This choice allows a designer to maximize the variations on a single theme within the palette and removes the pressure of attempting to mix and match a variety of color choices and patterns.