It is said that a man’s home is his castle, and, we all want our homes to be unique and reflect our individuality. One way of imprinting your personality onto a room is through using bespoke pieces of furniture. Bespoke oak furniture is made exactly to your specifications so you can be sure that it will match your tastes.

Rustic oak beam furniture is a great choice when it comes to bespoke pieces. It makes a statement and adds luxury to a room, whilst still retaining that rustic, homely charm. The ageing process of the timber also ensures that you always get a unique finish.

bespoke oak furniture

Oak beam furniture is also versatile enough to be used anywhere in the home, and be accessorized to suit both contemporary and more traditional tastes.

Dining room: Solid and durable, oak beam dining tables are the perfect choice for many dining rooms, adding style and character to your entertaining space. Why not try accessorizing with leather or mismatched chairs for a stylish, modern look.

Lounge: When it comes to your lounge, there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate oak beam furniture. A solid oak bookcase offers style and practicality, while a rustic oak beam fire surround really helps to make a statement.

Garden: Oak beam furniture can also be used to great effect in your garden. Choosing oak for your benches, picnic tables or planters lends a rustic charm to your outside space. The good news is that oak garden furniture is fairly resilient to harsh winter weather and doesn’t require chemical treatments or oiling.

Bathroom: Even the bathroom can benefit from the addition of oak furniture. A weathered oak beam sink unit or mirror surround can give your bathroom a rustic seaside-chic feel. Just make sure you ask for a water resistant finish.

Choosing the right oak

Choosing the right kind of oak is vital for getting the desired effect. There a few to choose from:

  • Green oakGreen oak is perfect for people who are looking for furniture with that authentic rustic appearance. This type of wood is left to mature naturally, drying out as it does so, and causing splits and cracks to appear.
  • Air-dried oak – For air-dried oak, the wood is dried out beforehand. This type of oak offers a more stable product than you would get from green oak, and you can expect minimal cracking or splitting as it ages.
  • Seasoned oak – Seasoned oak is the best option for you if you do not want your furniture to change drastically over time. Using this timber will give a really stable finish and is perfect for large furniture pieces with high usage, such as dining tables.

What finish for oak furniture?

The finish you choose can also affect the final look of the piece. Waxes and oils help to showcase the natural grain of the wood and give a silky smooth finish. However, light and dark stains can also be effective, enabling you to ensure that the furniture complements its surroundings.

The growing popularity of rustic oak furniture is part of a wider trend for handmade, quality products. Solid and resilient, stylish and full of character, oak is the perfect choice if you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your home this year.

Guest Author Contribution: Nick Halls is the founder of Rustic Oak, a bespoke oak furniture craftsmen based in Essex. Nick designs and crafts a range of oak beam furniture in their workshop based in Chelmsford, Essex.