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Alternative Energy Sources for a Greener World

Worldwide, solar system installation is increasingly prevalent because of the initiative to join the green movement and preserve our Mother Earth. Many establishments and households are more conscious on how to use their energy efficiently and how to reduce their carbon footprint. Since our Mother Earth has many natural resources, alternative energy resources are everywhere. It is just up to us how to use and ... Read more

Solar-Powered Schools? Would It Be For The Better?

The campaign for conserving, protecting, going green, and nurturing our Mother Earth has been continually growing across the country for the past few years. Several environmental organizations and groups are doing their best to educate and inform citizens on how they can contribute actively to have a better environment. Even various international schools in the Philippines are joining the movement towards the sustainable lifestyle. ... Read more

The Cost of Going Green

Going green - Nowadays, several environmental conservation and protection activities are being done to save our mother Earth. Simple habits, such composting, conserving water, and consuming less energy are some of the ways to help make the world a better place. One of the common options in shifting into the sustainable lifestyle is by using the solar energy. ¬†However, many people think that solar panels ... Read more

Technology & the future of urban infrastructure

Leaders and citizens of the world talk about crumbling infrastructure and the need for improvements in many of our major cities. The future of urban infrastructure is a massive opportunity to transform cities into more functional and healthier living spaces. As nearly half of the world's population now lives in cities, attention to urbanization is now more important than ever. Here are several ways ... Read more

5 Inspiring Examples of Crowd Sourced Funding & Green Technology

In the late 1990's, crowdfunding made its debut in the music and arts communities. Bands utilized the internet to get fans to fund overseas tours and filmmakers acquired the capital necessary to finish projects through donations solicited from fans online. By 2013, the the United States saw over $5b of annual startup investment raised through crowd source funding efforts. Today, an ever-growing number of environmentally-friendly ... Read more

Green Data Center Initiatives Continue To Grow As Processing Skyrockets

Green initiatives and energy savings have come a long way in the data center environment. As virtualization and cloud-based computing processes have improved over the last decade, so have global IT energy efficiency levels. While this is a positive step in the right direction toward global energy savings, green data centers need to remain vigilant by keeping up with the ever-increasing data being processed ... Read more