The campaign for conserving, protecting, going green, and nurturing our Mother Earth has been continually growing across the country for the past few years. Several environmental organizations and groups are doing their best to educate and inform citizens on how they can contribute actively to have a better environment. Even various international schools in the Philippines are joining the movement towards the sustainable lifestyle. A solar-powered school? Would it be for the better?

The Two Types of Solar Energy System

  • Photovoltaic (PV) System — Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System is a type of energy system that captures the energy from the sun and directly converts the sunlight into electrical energy.
  • Thermal System (STE) — Solar Thermal System (STE) is a type of energy system that uses the heat of the sun to give warmth to a space and to provide heat for water. It is used to generate both thermal energy and electrical energy.


The Benefits of Going Solar

Indeed, opting for such energy and its technological advancements has its various benefits to both people and the environment. Listed below are three of the essential benefits of having a solar-powered school.

  • Save Money — Opting to solar energy will reduce the school’s electricity expenses since they are consuming less energy. Installing these panels will also save millions of investment in the long run. The money they save can be used to produce libraries and laboratories that can give a more quality education for their students. Solar power is free and never runs out, too. Moreover, it will contribute to the financial stability of the school in the future.
  • Educate Students — One of the greatest benefits of having a solar-powered school is the creation of educational opportunities for students. They will be educated about the how going green benefits the citizen and the environment as well and the various environmental challenges that we face at the present. Students can also become a part of the movement since they can monitor the daily generation of such energy. Thus, they can use it with their experimentation in Science class. It will also create consciousness among students on the importance of conserving and protecting the environment. Thus, creating a rich learning experience to students.
  • Conserve Mother Earth — The most important benefit of opting to such technology is the chance to reduce our carbon footprint. Did you know that using electricity contributes to almost one-third of all the greenhouse emissions? Switching to such energy will reduce the need to burn fossil fuel that causes the ongoing atmospheric temperatures around the world. This energy is also a key component for long-term sustainability. Hence, using solar energy is one of the easiest ways to contribute in conserving and protecting the Mother Earth.

Solar-powered school will definitely result to various benefits to both citizen and environment. The schools that are switching to sustainable lifestyle will show leadership to students by dominating the environmental movement and choosing the sustainable living. Moreover, beyond the financial benefits and educational opportunities, solar-powered schools will become a sustainable environment. After all, a school that uses solar energy is a better place to learn and work.