window decal temporary interior design idea

Interior decor and design is always changing. It evolves along with us and our lifestyle. In some cases we may just want to live with a certain look before committing to it. For those living in apartments and rented homes we may not be allowed to make permanent changes. Maybe we just like simple over complicated, as not everyone is handy. The price of major renovations is also out of reach for many on a limited budget. This article is for those that want a great looking temporary interior design solution for their home.

There are products on the market that will be easy for you to try out without the commitment, but let you design your space to suit you. Here’s a few great ideas that are also great in our forever homes as well.

Temporary wall color.

Ever want color on your wall without the fuss and muss of painting? Want a color you can try before you buy? Well look no further, TemPaint may be a perfect fit for you. This product is actually vinyl peel and stick wall paper that goes on your walls and looks like you’ve just given them a fresh paint. TemPaint’s website offers instructional videos to help you as well. This product is available online and on Amazon. I’d pay close attention to all the customer reviews but for those that live where painting is not allowed or who want to try out a color without being stuck this product may be for you. It’s also great if you live in military housing where painting walls is not allowed.

Easy Crown Molding by Ez-A-Peel.

Just when you thought Crown molding was out of the question, someone invented this version which is easy to install, gives the look of real Crown molding and can be installed with no special tools needed. Kits include pre-mitered lightweight plastic molding in a variety of lengths according to your needs. Each piece has adhesive to the back to make it easy to put up.

This particular product is available also on Amazon. As with all purchases and suggestions given in these articles, research before you buy and don’t forget to read the customer feedback on each product listed. This type of molding is plastic, and some types can be ideal for hiding wiring, such as speaker wire. This same company makes mock wood trim pieces that are decorative to go over door frames as well to give your home that older elegant feel.

Faux Window Decals

Need a window where none exists? Wallmonkeys has the answer for those in need of a temporary interior design change. Now initially you may think this is a cheesy idea but if you’ve ever read my articles on how to work with odd shaped rooms or spaces that have little to no light then you know a faux window is a great idea. These decals are re-moveable, and can be re-positioned many times and there are tricks to make this windows works in your space. One way is to actually put a curtain up around the decal once you have it in place. If you chose the right style for this treatment you’ll be surprised how you can create the illusion with a little effort and imagination. Doing this helps balance rooms where windows may be oddly placed on walls and need another window for balance.

This product comes in various sizes and styles and again is also available on Amazon. Please read customer feedback to help you make your decision. Another company JP London also makes realistic looking faux window decals and I’d certainly check out their products as well on Amazon. Lastly, OneHouse makes faux window mural wall paper that looks realistic as well and is worth checking out too. Their DIY Window 3D Green is quite attractive.

Interlocking Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles also may be a way for you to change up the look in a room without the permanent commitment and expense of installed flooring. A company called We Sell Mats sells interlocking carpet tiles can be used on floors that are hard or in bad shape and work particularly well in childrens rooms that have hard floors. Softer and kid friendly carpet tiles can be installed quickly with no special tools and just when you thought you had one idea, We Sell Mats also makes interlocking floor tiles that look similar to Bamboo flooring.

For ugly kitchen floors or concrete, these tiles are a no brainer. You’ll be pleased to know the reviews on the products are quite positive. Basement apartments would especially benefit from this type of flooring. We Sell Mats is found on Amazon and you can check out for yourself whether this could be a good temporary interior design solution. When you move, you can take your floors with you. Do check out the photographs offered by the reviewers, they help a lot.