hdb flats

In our modern age, the rise of HDB flats in Singapore has taken the country by storm. With over 23 towns and 3 estates that house HDB flats, you’ll definitely find the perfect one for you. Although these flats or houses are made as neutral as possible to cater to the most number of people, there are those that redesign the HDB flats and homes that they’ve bought. The sky’s the limit for redesigning one’s HDB home, you just need to have the imagination and drive to make it possible! In Singapore, HDB homes are a thing! It’s sometimes made by converting an HDB home into an office, or by buying a BTO (build-to-order) house and directing the design of the house.

If you’re the type of person that wants to redesign their HDB home, here are some HDB homes that have been redesigned to become a beautiful piece of structure:

1. Retro Design

This HDB home has been redesigned not to celebrate the age when the hippie culture or psychedelics were all the rage, but to memorialize the simplicity and elegance of the old school house designs. The living room is designed to show the class of using wooden furnitures, a classic stand fan, and roller blinds. Also, the beautifully placed lights make the living room feel like a showroom. The counter which is riddled with old-school bar stools and a beautiful set of lights makes it the perfect way to entertain the guests. And the incorporation of jade green tiles in the kitchen make it a sight for wonder and amazement.

In the bedroom, you go back to old-school feel because of the wooden cabinet and cupboard, intricately patterned bedlinen, and the simple but elegant wall-art. Also, the inclusion of a unique style of lighting using the modern style of bare bulbs makes anyone who see it feel relaxed and calm.

2. Pastel Perfect

Now, this HDB home uses the beautiful combination of neutrally-colored furnishing with the pastel-designed details and patterns. In the living room, the neutral finish on the furniture and walls mixed with colored pattern carpets and a light-colored coffee table, makes it exude class. Meanwhile, there’s an open kitchen that is also riddled with neutral tables, chairs, cabinets, and walls combined with kitchen and dining room paraphernalia that are pastel colored., which makes it look spacious and inviting.

In the bedroom, you’ll get the a combination of a light gray and white color scheme that makes it welcoming and serene.

#3. Openly Beautiful

For this HDB home, the coloration of gray and neutral colors make it seem boring, but this is only for the first sight. When the exceedingly large windows are opened to bring the natural light in, it makes the space a relaxing and stress-free environment. In the living room, it has a patterned black and white floor mixed with the neutral furniture with the incorporation of a shelf that’s riddled with differently colored objects – that does not look cluttered, at all.

In the bedroom, by incorporating hanging black and white photos on the walls – which memorialize the memories of you and your loved ones – mixed with the gray and white theme of the bedroom, makes it lovely and classy.

By buying the right HDB home for you, then redesigning it, you’ll have your dream house inside the bustling country of Singapore. You just need to know what you want and where you want it inside the house and you’ll never go wrong by doing what you think you want!