window replacement

Switching to energy-efficient windows may seem like a big investment, but it’s one that can add value to your home and provide you with a return each month in terms of energy savings. Reduced energy bills may be why many homeowners purchase new energy-efficient windows for their home, but there are many other benefits as well.

Enhanced Comfort

If you feel like you’re cooling the outdoors with your continuously running air-conditioning unit each summer or that you can’t get warm enough each winter because of the cold air seeping through your old windows, you’ll love how much comfort new energy-efficient windows bring to your home. Energy-efficient windows like Low-E glass windows are designed to reduce the transfer of heat or cold through the glass. By creating a better barrier, the interior climate of the home can be more easily controlled and protected from the influence of the weather outside

Reduced Energy Bills

Of course, many people choose to invest in new windows in order to save money on their energy costs. In recent decades, windows have undergone a technological revolution. It is now possible to have lower heat loss, less air leakage, and warmer window surfaces. There are various types of energy-efficient windows that are ideal for various climates. You’ll want to choose new windows that are regarded as most effective for the climate you live in for best results. According to the research conducted by Efficient Windows Collaborative, after installing new windows you may be able to save anywhere from 15% – 20% on your heating costs each year depending on the type of home you have and windows you select.

Reduction of Condensation

Energy-efficient windows are designed to reduce the condensation and frost that often occurs with old windows. With new glazing technologies, your new windows can effectively eliminate condensation under any condition. Your windows, instead, provide you with a clear view of the outdoors without letting the outdoor climate impede their function.

Add Value to Your Home

New windows are a great selling feature for homes. Many homebuyers will shy away from purchasing a home that needs complete window replacement. However, if you invest in new windows, you can add their cost into the value of your home. Even if you have no plans to sell, you can feel good about the investment in the worth of your home.

Aesthetically Pleasing

New energy-efficient windows are certainly a practical investment, but consider how they will add to the beauty of your home. Not only are new windows designed to function energy efficiently, they’re also designed to look great. Whether you are looking for reproduction styles for an older home or innovative design for a new construction, you’ll be able to select windows that are ideal for the look of your home.

If you are considering a purchase of new energy-efficient windows, just remember to choose windows that will complement your climate as well as your home. By consulting with window experts, you’ll be able to install windows that will lead to great cost savings on energy and will provide you with many other benefits you can enjoy.