terraced lawn and backyard landscaping

Retaining walls and terraces have been an essential part of land cultivation since antiquity. Today, installing retaining walls and terraces allows homeowners to landscape otherwise unusable land or uneven terrain for a variety of purposes. If you have a slope on your property, you should consider the benefits of retaining walls and terraces.


Stop Soil Erosion

During periods of rain, you may find that your slope becomes a muddy mess that involves soil erosion. You can keep this soil in place by installing retaining walls and terraces. The walls keep the soil from sliding down the slope. Homeowners can more effectively retain the integrity of their land when they landscape sloped areas with walls and terraces and even prevent landslides on their property.


Many people install retaining walls and terraces to achieve a beautiful landscape. The terraces can be used for extra garden space or landscaped to complement the home. A slope is difficult and, sometimes, impossible to landscape without the addition of retaining walls and terraces. Once the terraces are in places and supported by their retaining walls, homeowners can design them with a myriad of plantings that suit their climate and overall landscape.


Expand Outdoor Space

Terraces look great when they’re landscaped effectively, but they can also be used to expand the outdoor space for entertaining. Many homeowners prefer to employ terracing to expand their patio. They might set up lounge furniture or install permanent seating. The vertical height of the terrace can also add visual appeal to the patio.

Conserve Water

Terraced gardens can also help homeowners conserve water. Instead of runoff, the terraces capture water that can be used to support the landscape. Your general contractor who specializes in building retaining walls and terraces can discuss water conservation methods with you that are ideal for a terraced landscape.

You can add beauty and value to your home when you landscape it effectively. Until a slope is outfitted with retaining walls and terraces, it tends to be unusable space that is difficult to mow. Installing terraces makes the space uniquely useful for homeowners. It’s an investment that homeowners will enjoy for years to come.