beuatiful sprcued up garden

No matter how small, owning a garden is like having your own sanctuary. It is a  place to retreat and to relieve stress, as well as to recover your strength and calmness. Even though the description fully fits some zen garden, all the gardens in the world tend to have the same effect on their devoted gardeners. Besides, a garden is the perfect place to express yourself in a most creative yet useful manner without the high expenses. All it takes is a good will and few good tips.

Throw in some colors

Not that the plants are not enough, but putting in some color around the garden can create uplifting surrounding where you can spend wonderful time just by looking at it. You can paint old flower pots as well as repaint the fence. Also, a wooden planter is a good choice when sprucing up the yard since it can be colored the way you want. Avoid the translucent and go for some bold and bright colors, or apply the ice-cream color palette. It will look delicious.

Unusual Planters

Considering the shape is right, almost anything can be used as a planter. Look around your home, in your kid’s rooms and the garage (where the hidden treasure awaits). Whether it is a shiny disco ball, old rubber boots or some old kitchen pot, anything can serve again in planting a new life. The mere search for suitable items will trigger inspiration to kick in, not to mention the process of arranging and placing them in the garden. Pure joy.

Do some tidying up

By simply cleaning up the patio and removing the rubbish, big or small, your garden will come to life. Make sure to mow the lawn and trim the edges, for neat edges of the lawn can add a whole new level of sleekness. Pick up the branches and bigger twigs and remove all the items from the garden that can spoil the visual impression.  Organize and plant your garden in a way that you can have a hidden storage behind the planters. Storing stuff underneath the garden benches can do the trick too.

Be a gardener

Along with to the creative part of sprucing up the garden, comes the working part in the dirt. Be crafty and devoted, cut the weed right out of the roots and use natural weed killers like salt and vinegar. Fertilize the soil with table scraps and learn how to make compost. Avoid the messiness when watering the ground and use retractable hose reels for not only do they do the job but also look neat in your garden. Enjoy the ‘’hard’’ work for it will pay off sooner than you think.

Plant perennials

Instead of planting the whole garden every year, plant some perennials since it is a long term investment. Some of those can last from three to even thirty years. Not to mention that they come in such vivid colors and are a sight for sore eyes. Most popular perennials are daffodils, lavender, and Echinacea, so planting them will bring your garden to life and also save you some money.

Place the lights

No reason why your garden shouldn’t glow in the nighttime. With so many options for garden lighting, you can easily create your own tiny Lothlorien with just a little investment. You can place the lights high above, but placing them on the ground also, around the bushes and plants can create unforgettable visual impact. A clever and money saving option would be a solar-powered lighting, but you can go for battery-operated ones or energy-efficient bulbs.


Don’t take your garden for granted by neglecting it, for you are lucky to have one. Maintain it with love and devotion because it will thrive and give you colorful and glowing shelter in return. Make it a place of reflection as well as a place for socializing. Enjoy all those warm nights outdoor with your loved ones and be pleased with what you’ve achieved. Keep in mind that it doesn’t take much money or effort to have a beautiful garden, yet sitting in one and feeling serene is priceless.