3d printing

Last month the respected Automaker, Ford, announced its plans to integrate the use of 3D printing in developing major parts of the cars it produces. And the Ford Innovation and Research Centre in California, was built to handle the challenges that comes with designing, 3D printing and testing these 3D printed parts.

The example of Ford recognising the impact of additive manufacturing is just one among others highlighting the importance of 3D printing to diverse industries in the manufacturing industry. It also shows the ever-growing scope of what 3D printing can do.

3D printing is here to stay and just about everyone—from fortune 500 companies to individual hobbyists—is making use of its additive manufacturing abilities to create art. And yes, 3D printing is art. Therefore, this post is written for anyone looking to enhance their ability to create unique pieces using a 3D printer. Here, 5 mobile applications dedicated to easing the tasks associated with additive manufacturing will be outlined.

  1. Autodesk 123D

As an enthusiast who is interested in creating unique models using a 3D printer, you would come to realize that in time that making use of free digital 3D models no longer cuts it. These yearning to be truly creative and unique with your design choices can be satisfied by the Autodesk 123D application.

The app is a computer aided design (CAD) tool which can be used to draft your ideas in 2 dimensions and also model them in 3D. The application comes with an interactive design interface and modelling tools for easy use. Lastly, AutoCAD 123D comes with an in-built 3D printing service which makes uploading files to Slicers or a 3D printer a simple process.

  1. Thingiverse Mobile App

The Thingiverse ecosystem is popularly known for offering free digital 3D models that are printable using the average 3D printer. The Thingiverse app brings this service to your mobile device which makes it easy to find 3D models. You can also view tips on printing the particular file you would like to download.

The Thingiverse mobile app is free and available to download on Google Play Store as well Apples iTunes store.

  1. Sculpteo

The Sculpteo app platform was developed to help anyone go from concept to design and 3D printing your designs without any additional hassles. Therefore, Sculpteo should be viewed as a Printing as a Service (PraaS) platform which allows you to design 3D models and submit your models to get it 3D printed.

The Sculpteo app is available on Apple’s ecosystem and can be downloaded freely. It is also important to note that while designing with the app is also free; getting your designs 3D printed by Sculpteo comes at a cost.

  1. Cubify Draw

For 3D printing enthusiasts, the name Cubify should definitely ring some bells due to the popularity of its 3D printer brand. Cubify brings to the table a versatile app for its ecosystem with the aim of getting 3D printing hobbyists to get everything related to their craft done from scratch without the need to ever leave its platform.

The Cubify app integrates a design and 3D modelling interface as well as the tools needed to accomplish the task. Also, CAD designers can print directly from the app using any available Cubify 3D printer.

  1. Print3D

There are a plethora of apps out there offering remote 3D printing services for your printer but none does its work with ease like the Print3D mobile app. This application provides you with the needed features to; start prints, monitor their progress and complete printing projects remotely. The Print3D app works with most 3D printer brands and its integration process is quite easy.

Print3D is available on both the android and iOS ecosystem which makes its remote printing features available to almost all smart devices on the market.

  1. MakerBot App

MakerBot’s dedication to bringing the domestic 3D printer to every home has received a huge boost due to the creation of its mobile app. The MakerBot app was developed for its 3D printers and it provides you with the ability to access virtually everything that has to do with your printer as well as MakerBot’s ecosystem. Users can monitor a print’s progress, store designs and access MakerBot cloud via the app.

Final Thoughts

3D printing is set to infuse every aspect of human life in the coming decades. Today, you can create engineering models, fashion pieces, healthcare devices and even food using a 3D printer. So let these free applications help you push the boundaries of additive manufacturing.