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The Bionic Body: Coming to a Human Near You

In the 1970s, The Six Million Dollar Man, a television series, brought oohs, ahhs and chuckles into people’s home, as it combined science fiction with wild adventure. Almost five decades later, 3D printers are bringing bone replacements into operating theaters and disruptive new medical technology is redefining the effectiveness of prosthetic devices. Discover how today, the bionic body is perhaps closer to reality than fiction. Printing ... Read more

5 Free Mobile Apps 3D Printing Enthusiasts Should Have

Last month the respected Automaker, Ford, announced its plans to integrate the use of 3D printing in developing major parts of the cars it produces. And the Ford Innovation and Research Centre in California, was built to handle the challenges that comes with designing, 3D printing and testing these 3D printed parts. The example of Ford recognising the impact of additive manufacturing is just one ... Read more