world's best known modern architects
Everyone in this world is working hard to make it a more beautiful place for their children, grandchildren, and future generations to come. Artists, most especially, are greatly contributing into this endeavour. These are the individuals who are wisely using their professions to achieve this goal. The top architects in the Philippines, for instance, are creating structures in order to build a better society.

These actions are of course not limited to the Philippines. In fact, numerous wonderful structures can be found all over the globe thanks to the work and effort put into by these modern architects:

Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry has been named by Vanity Fair as this age’s most important architect. He is known for his deconstructive forms that are both distinctive and innovative. His most famous works include the Marqués de Riscal Vineyard Hotel in Elciego, the Neuer Zollhof in Düsseldorf, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. These buildings are often frequented by tourists.

Ieoh Ming Pei

Ieoh Ming Pei or I.M. Pei is another modern architect that is highly notable for his works. The Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, the Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong, the Louvre Pyramid in Paris, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston are only some of them.

I.M. Pei originally came from China but later migrated to the US to study architecture.

Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid, who was born in Iraq, was the first woman to win the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize – which many has termed as the Nobel Peace Prize of architecture. Many of her works has been characterized as artistic, daring, unconventional, and futuristic. These would include the Bergisel Ski Jump in Innsbruck, the MAXXI Museum in Zaragoza, the Guangzhou Opera House, and the Phaeno Science Center in China.

Tom Wright

British architect Tom Wright has only one notable modern building in his name, which is the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. People, of course, know that it is not merely a building. It is considered as the most popular structure in Dubai, which has the tallest atrium, tallest tennis court, and its own helicopter pad at its top. It is also known as the only 7-star hotel in the world.

Renzo Piano

Renzo Piano, who is Italian-born, is being deemed as instrumental in influencing modern architecture. His work on The Shard, the tallest building in London, generated a lot of controversy while being constructed, but it has offered the European city a look forward to the 21st century. Kansai International Airport in Osaka and the NEMO Science Centre in Amsterdam are his other major works.

He is also known for one of Louis Kahn’s apprentices.

Moshe Safdie

Moshe Safdie is another apprentice of Louis Kahn, one of the most influential architects of the modern time. His apprenticeship has led to him having a remarkable career in modern architecture. Some of his most popular works are the Khalsa Heritage Memorial in Punjab and the National Gallery of Canada in Montreal.

These people have worked hard to create a better society for the future generations. You can also make your own contributions by doing even the littlest things – as long as you do them to the best of your abilities!

Author Bio: Carl Padilla is a lad who enjoys foodies, technologies, lifestyle, and adventures. I write to inspire and encourage. I enjoy and live every moment because laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.