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Did You Know These Eight Celebrities Studied Architecture?

Ever think that the person you’re sitting next to could be a celebrity one day. Perhaps your classmate or the gal sitting next to you at the coffee shop? Yes, most of your classmates will end up with Engineering or Architecture degrees, some will change lanes and pursue other courses but it is not outside the realm of possibilities that some may end up ... Read more

Otherworldly Architecture: Japan’s Tiny Houses

In the past, most people like to acquire buildings that are huge and enormous. But this slowly changed over time as they realized how impractical it is to own one of these estates. Today, a number of them are more interested in owning properties that have just enough space for their entire family. This is something students from different architecture universities in Manila should learn ... Read more

When Architecture Pays Tribute to Tragedy

By way of illustration, architecture magazine Dezeen reports master builder Daniel Libeskind saying that architecture is "a field of repression" and that those who practice that art need to make “more confrontational buildings." Clearly he’s smarting from bad press for his Jewish Museum Berlin design faulting him for the building’s jagged and pointy shape. Defending it to Dezeen, he said, “When you look at the ... Read more

6 Best Known Modern Architects in the World

Everyone in this world is working hard to make it a more beautiful place for their children, grandchildren, and future generations to come. Artists, most especially, are greatly contributing into this endeavour. These are the individuals who are wisely using their professions to achieve this goal. The top architects in the Philippines, for instance, are creating structures in order to build a better society. These ... Read more

San Francisco’s Mission District Architecture

The Mission District is a large district bordered by U.S. Highway 101, Market, Dolores, Potrero and Cesar Chavez. Contained in a flat hollow between the Castro and Potrero Hill, the Mission District stretches south from SoMa to Bernal Heights. Most of the action takes place in the eight blocks between the two BART stations (16th and 24th streets) along Mission, Valencia and Dolores. The ... Read more

Architecture of The Olympics

The history of the Olympic Games dates back to the 8th century. However, the Olympic Games received its second lease of life in 1896. This historically valued games event certainly comes as a great treat to sports enthusiasts across the globe. However, most of us are fully aware of the amount of efforts that go towards the preparation in staging these events. Do you ... Read more

The Emergence of Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) provides contractors, engineers, and architects with a digital rendering of the functional and physical qualities of a facility in the built format. It allows teams in multiple locations the opportunity to share a single knowledge source. Since everyone involved in the project is viewing the same digital drawings, it creates a uniform basis for decisions throughout the lifecycle of the ... Read more