Our biggest asset is our own property. There is nothing like owning your hard-earned home and it is probably one of the best feelings in the world. You don’t only get to decide what your house will look like, you also get to decide what to put in specific areas of your shelter.

So you’ve decided to put up your house floor? You’ve decided to upgrade your existing floor? Well, home flooring is the key. Flooring is one of the biggest elements that a home must have. There are a lot of things to consider before choosing your home flooring. May it be for your bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom, you have to make sure that it fits your space well. Floor is one of the most important parts of your home and it is necessary to look over the following:

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The Size

The size of your home is a big factor especially when it comes to choosing the right kind of flooring and it should be the first consideration that you have to dwell on. You need to consider the spaces that are available in order to fully equip your home with furniture, paintings, appliances and of course, perfect home flooring. Most experts say that if you have a small space, horizontal lines on a floor can make your room longer. If you want your space to look wide and large, going for a huge scale of tiles is your best option. You have to know how to adjust to the size and space of your home in order to successfully install your flooring.

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The Needs

What does your room need? What kind of flooring does it call for?

You have to look for the kind of flooring that would best fit a specific room. For example, if you have an office in your house, then a carpet flooring is a good choice. Carpet also works well in a master’s bedroom but it is not advisable for a kid’s playroom because there’s a greater likelihood of getting stains and spilling of drinks because of clumsiness. But there are polyester fiber carpets that are stain resistant and easy to clean.

Other examples are bathroom and kitchen tiles. The tiles look better in a bathroom and a kitchen. Also, there’s usually stains being produced in both areas and tiles is a very good choice for them. You must know the purpose of your room in order to pick the proper flooring type.

The Mood

The mood and feel of your home is also an important factor. Some spaces at your house may feel a little warm, cold, countryside-like, rustic and many more. You don’t want your kitchen to look like a bedroom and you don’t want your living room to look like a bathroom. There are ways to set the mood of a specific space through choosing the right flooring. Usually, color sets the tone and mood of a specific place so it’s best to pick the right one that would very much blend with your home. Aside from flooring, lights also play a big role in setting the mood.

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The Design

It is important to take notice of the design of your home. Although it is not mandatory to follow the whole scheme, it is still best to match your house design with your flooring. You don’t want your house to look like a circus, you still want to have a decent-looking one. By considering the design, you get to examine the factors on how you will pick the flooring that would best fit your space.

Sometimes, if a room is full of art and decorations, it’s better to go for a minimalist type of flooring to balance the design. If your room is completely white, it’s recommended to go for timber flooring as it gives a clean urban vibe.

The Lifestyle

Do you stay at your home all the time? Or are you the type who goes to work early in the morning and arrive late at night? Do you still have time to clean and maintain the beauty of your home?

There are a lot of questions that needs to be answered. Your lifestyle, among many other aspects to consider, is a very principal matter as it could affect your home in the long run. Floorings are not that easy to maintain, and your daily habits could either make or break your base. Think about how much damage your floor will get and think of ways on how to solve it. Adjust to the reality that maintenance of any part of your home is very necessary and important.

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The Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons in choosing your type of flooring. Even if there is no perfect floor plan, you still have to know what suits your house and you also have to be very careful with your choices. Listed below are the different types of home flooring and their corresponding positive traits and downsides:

  • Timber – this type of flooring gives the rustic and rural vibe. This uses woods that were processed into beams and planks. Timber flooring is not that hard to maintain but sometimes, the true color of the floor fades depending on the quality of the materials used. This is usually used in living rooms and stairs and this type of flooring is a great option for the budget-conscious.
  • Tiles – this is usually used in bathrooms and kitchens. This is also good for those who are looking for affordable floor plans. Tiles are durable and considered a decorative surface. There are different types of tiles: Ceramic, Vitrified, Porcelain, Mosaics and many more.
  • Carpet – Carpets are very hard to maintain considering the fact that stains and liquids can be absorbed by its fibers. Using a vacuum is one of the many ways to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet. There are a variety of carpet floor plans, some are cheap and some are expensive. You have to check what kind of carpet flooring is better for your home.
  • Laminate – this type of flooring was made from laminating woods into multiple layers. Laminate floors are for the budget-conscious because it’s much cheaper than the Timber floors. The problem with this is that it doesn’t really come close to the beauty of a real wooden floor.
  • Vinyl – this is also one alternative for timber flooring. Vinyl uses traditional wood that provides comfortable feeling under your foot. But just like Laminate, this is also not as better as the real wooden floor. There are cheap and expensive vinyl floor plans.
  • Stone – This is the type of flooring that is very easy to maintain. Also, the stone gets better in the long run. The downside is that stones are prone to staining. In most cases, this type of flooring is expensive

The Right Professional

You don’t wanna encounter someone who would take advantage of your time and money in the wrong way. You need to find a trusted retailer that could suggest you a professional floor layer. Professional floor layers can help you in determining the kinds of floor plans that would best work for your home. Aside from the artistic contribution, they could also advise you regarding your payments, affordability, additional materials and resources, maintenance and guidance.

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The Budget

Budget is a very important factor in any kind of investment. The cost for house flooring can sometimes be high. It’s okay to dream and fantasize about having the slickest flooring, but most of them are very pricey. If you really plan to go big and bag the best floorings in town, you better save up in order to afford them. But if you are the practical type who would go after affordable ones, then you may set a standard budget for your floor plan and start looking for the cheap but good-looking floorings.

The Long-term Plan

Can your floor survive for a long period of time?

You have to think of the longevity of the product. You can’t just choose a specific type of flooring for its appearance, the quality should still be prioritized. There are floorings that may seem attractive and striking but not good in quality. You have to find a flooring that’s beautiful, affordable and comfortable at the same time.

It’s easy to pinpoint a specific type of flooring and say it’s the kind of flooring that would last longer than the others. But sometimes, it’s still better to consult your floor layer as they know what kind of materials were used in all the home floorings.

Choosing the right kind of flooring for your home is important because it is used as the base of your home. Your flooring is where you set your foot that is why you need to consider a lot of things. Always remember to be very careful with your choices as you don’t want to keep on replacing your floors over and over again in case they fade and break. Maintenance and good quality of materials are the keys in order for your flooring to last.

Author Bio: Mark Aldrin Hipolito is a daytime writer for CTM Flooring, an Australian business providing home flooring services in the retail market since 1998. Mark is also fascinated by the idea of giving out tips and ideas to people who are courageous and serious in bringing out the best in their households.