fireplace surround design

Sometimes giving a space a much needed facelift is as easy as making small and simple upgrades to help draw the eye to something new.  One great way to add some extra style to your home is to upgrade the design of your fireplace.  Fireplaces are oftentimes a great center piece to any living room and also tend to be the place where people gather the most.  This can easily be achieved with a simple can of paint or if you are feeling bold you can take on a more classic stone design.  Upgrading your fireplace is always a satisfying undertaking because it produces some truly amazing results.  Here are some great ideas to help you be on your way to the fireplace design of your dreams.

Painted Fireplace

If you are seemingly stuck with outdated brick that doesn’t seem to want to budge from its permanent home, consider giving that old brick some new life with a fresh coat of paint.  Painted fireplaces are becoming increasing popular among design savvy homeowners.  This is because, unlike some brick and stone patterns, paint is completely customizable.   Best of all, this neat little DIY is not only inexpensive but will only take a quick weekend to finish.

While painted fireplaces do work to cover up stone, the results looks better with a brick style fireplace.  To start you want to make sure to clean the brick and allow it to dry completely.  Next, follow up with a coat of white primer.  This step is especially important for darker brick so that you can make sure to get the desired effect.  From there the options are truly endless.  A stark white painted fireplace can open up a space while a classic black will add some sophistication to any room.  You can even get creative with color blocking and patterns.  All you need is a few cans of paint and a vision and you are on your way to fireplace you can take pride in.

Stick on Stone

If you have your heart set on an upgraded stone design for your fireplace, you should know that not only will this be a high cost project it might also mean that you need to do a total over haul.  Luckily for you, there is a simpler solution.  Stick on stone is a great option when it comes to fireplace upgrades because it not only is more cost effective, it is almost fool proof!  This stone comes in sheets as is often made out of stone veneer for a more uniformed look.

The sheets of stone feature an adhesive on one side, which means that you don’t have to fool around with messy glue or plaster.  Installing them will depend on the type of material that is currently covering your fireplace.  A good rule of thumb is to always follow instructions clearly to insure a proper and secure fit.  The end results however, are totally worth it.  People will be surprised to know how little effort it took to give your outdated fireplace some much needed love.

Wood Planks

People have been coming up with some really creative ways to use refurbished wood.  From making dining room tables from scratch to attaching pallets to their bed frames; wood planks are a great way to bring some of the outside world inside.  A great way to utilize wood planks is to use them as a focal point to your fireplace.  Wood is a great material to work with because it can be easily cut, painted and stained to match perfectly to preferred style.  Whether you want to keep it natural looking, knots and all, or what a more modern finish; the options are endless.

Installing the wood planks, however, may prove to be a little trickier.  You will have to make sure to perfectly size each wood plank to the area surrounding your fireplace, sand and treat it.  This is also a more involved process because it entails you having to drill into your existing stone or brick.  If you are up for the challenge though, the final outcome will be so worth any stress.


A great option for people who are not afraid of some color and flash when it comes to upgrading their fireplaces is using tile.  Brightly patterned tiles can really warm up a space while also showing off an amazing sense of flare when it comes to design.  These tile designs are a great way to pay homage to Mediterranean living spaces.  The bold patterns and sunburst like designs can truly showcase an amazing sense of style while also making your fireplace easy to maintain.

Tile is a great medium to use because it is easy to clean and completely customizable.  There are also many different installation methods to choose from.  You can easily find sheets of peel and stick tile that is a great weekend project to take on.  If you’re feeling a little bold however, creating your own patterns when installing the tile allows you to have complete control over the final look.  The tile doesn’t have to be loud either.  You can find some amazing patterns that will help you stay true to your more laid back style.   Overall tile is an easy and often inexpensive way to change your fireplace from just a heating unit to an amazing conversation piece.

Updating a fireplace and the area surrounding it is a great project for anyone who takes pride in their style to take on.  Even if you don’t feel like you have the design bug, this is still a great challenge to undertake.  Before beginning your fireplace over haul, you should make sure to research the materials as well as the installation so that you can be sure that the final outcome will be everything that you hope for it.  Just keep in mind the amount of time that will go into the project as well as your desired outcome and the rest will surely fall into place.  Good luck!

Author Bio: Rebecca is a freelance writer and editor at, a company that sells and distributes natural stone, patio slabs and garden furniture in Ireland.