Let’s be honest. Carpet is one of the hardest types of flooring to maintain. According to Wikipedia, a carpet is a textile floor covering typically consisting of an upper layer of pile attached to a backing. The pile was traditionally made from wool, but, since the 20th century, synthetic fibers such as polypropylene, nylon or polyester are often used, as these fibers are less expensive than wool. Carpets are often used in offices, hotel rooms, bedrooms and even living rooms. This kind of flooring is sensitive and needs a lot of attention. With everything that is going on in your life, you sometimes forget to look over your flooring. That being said, your carpet, among many other floorings, are in the verge of breaking down. Here are five subtle ways you’re destroying your carpet:

1. You’re Bringing Your Shoes Inside The House

dirty boots on carpet
There’s nothing wrong with bringing shoes inside especially if it’s your own home. No one, not even your maid, will tell you that you have to remove your shoes first before you enter for you are the authority of your home. The main problem with that is the fact that there are dirt and germs that you may bring inside together with your shoes. You have to know that shoe racks exist for a reason and that being too confident and comfortable may sometimes harm your home, even your home flooring. Dirt and stains will surely stick to your floors and it will be a bummer not just to you but to your family members as well.

2. You’re Letting Your Dog Play On Your Carpet

dog messing up carpet
Dogs are considered a man’s bestfriend. And because of that, most households prefer to have their dogs inside their beautiful home. But the downside of this is the fact that they pee in random places of your home and your beloved beautiful carpet may be put in trouble if you just let your dog play there. Also, their fur may stick on your carpet. Try as much as possible to avoid this.

3. You’re Going Home Drunk

drunk mess damaging carpet
This may sound odd and quite funny but it’s true, going home drunk may somehow affect your home flooring in case you vomit. Yes, as unusual as it may sound, this is one of the things that you have to keep in mind. Vomiting on your home flooring, especially on your carpet, is not and never will be a good idea!

4. You’re Too Obsessed With Furry Decorations

fuzzy toys leave fibers on carpet
Furry decorations are great and cute but you should learn how to be meticulous with your stuff especially with regards to carpet. There are decorations that are not strong enough that they tend to pull off away and drop on your carpet. Fur may stick to your carpet and brushing it off may take a long time before the fur goes away.

5. You’re Cleaning Your Carpet Too Much

carpet cleaning overuse
There are a lot of people who loves to clean their home from time to time. Also, carpets are one of the floorings that needs well maintenance. Did you know that cleaning your carpet too much may harm it? Brushing it off may lead to cluttering of its wool fibers and it may not look neat anymore. You have to also know that washing it from time to time may loosen its tightness and it will clutter. Avoid cleaning too much!

Maintenance of any kind of flooring is really hard. You never really know when they will break or fade but you always have to find the balance in maintaining it. A carpet is a sensitive type of flooring and you have to make sure that you are not forgetting it as there are times where you don’t know anymore if you or your family members are slowly destroying it. Take care of your carpet and it will last for a long time. Carpets are indeed a great type of flooring and while there are very cheap ones that you would like to consider, you should still go and buy the expensive and high-quality ones as they will last longer and also, you don’t have to worry too much as they are made to last for a long period of time.

Author bio:Mark Aldrin Hipolito is a daytime writer for CTM Flooring, an Australian business providing home flooring services in the retail market since 1998. Mark is also fascinated by the idea of giving out tips and ideas to people who are courageous and serious in bringing out the best in their households.