gardening pest control

Gardening is one of the hobbies people have which is being affected by climate change. According to the University of Oxford, climate change poses a lot of problems that affect the environment. The problem with termite control is only one of them. The rising temperature is helping termites fester and eventually cause problems in your own homes.

Prevention should be the first step in controlling this pest from entering your house; ancient Chinese believe that the best medicine is prevention, after all.

The key to having a termite-free house is proper gardening. Foundation planting or landscaping is being used to hide a home’s foundation. It serves as a barrier between your property and a termite infestation, especially if you live close to one. Here are simple ways to deal with this problem and avoid this pest infesting your own homes.

shrubs pest control

Plant shrubs in your landscape

Termites’ favourite food to chunk on is wood; plants that are “woody” may cause a problem, since it would invite them in your property. You may want to put shrubs in their place instead. Another reason to plant them in your landscape is because they also do not grow vines, which tend to crawl all over your house and later be used as a passageway for termites.

It is also important for your landscape to be free from any wooden debris or materials. Instead of using wood in your garden, you may want to replace it with metal. Aside from plants and metal, you can also use bricks in your landscape for decoration purposes.

water in moderation for pest control

Water and moisture should be minimized

Termites tend to have their nests nearby places with ample water or moisture so it is crucial to make sure that they will not build in your own area of habitat.

If you have sprinklers in your garden, you may want to adjust them so that they would not accidentally spray water to the foundation of your house as this would also invite termites into your home. Substances that would trap water or moisture should be removed and avoided.

climate change soil pest problem

Add termiticides in the soil

It is also important to treat the soil in the landscape because termites have a tendency to move underground, through the soil, in order to enter a structure. Adding termiticide into the soil would increase the protection in your garden as it would act as a repellent from the pests. After adding the chemical, it is advised for the soil to remain untouched or undisturbed because it would lose the barrier it provides not only to your garden but to your home as well. Maintaining this shield is important so it would be better to use a termiticide that would sure to last long.

If in case it is too late for you to try any of these tips and termites have already infiltrated your property, it would be best then to contact an expert. Termite control is not a difficult task, unlike finding the solution to climate change; you just have to know what to do.