Don’t your eyes sparkle whenever you come in your sister or friend’s home and see a clean and tidy house? Whether your there unannounced or for an occasion, it’s impeccable how they keep their house clean while effortlessly while you, well, that’s a different story.

If you find maintaining a clean home completely daunting and takes too much time and effort, you’re thinking wrong. It’s second nature to some people, and chance are, they used to be in your shoes prior.

It takes time and effort, yes. But more importantly, it’s about making a routine and sticking to it. Not only will this new practice keep your home clean but also make your day-to-day living a whole lot better and easier.


Photo by Gabriel Beaudry

What is the secret, you ask? Live a stress-free and well-organised home with the help of adapting these habits of tidy people.

They make their bed everyday

Messy people easily skips this essential routine every morning with the reason “I’m going to unmake it tonight anyway so why bother?”

That’s a destructive view, scratch that off your mind. Tell you what, challenge yourself to make your bed each morning for a week and observe the results. How much did your productivity increase? Did you feel more orderly and ready to face the day? How good do you feel seeing your bed tidy daily and how did it shift your whole routine better?

Make it a habit. Leaving with a neat bed and coming home without clothes piled up on the bed; and pillows and blanket all over the place certainly makes your day a lot better.

They clean as they go

You’ve been taught by your parents and teachers to always clean as you go when you were younger, what caused you to stop doing it? Living by yourself doesn’t mean you get a pass on “ClayGo.”

Clean and tidy people do the dishes after dinner, they don’t let it sit on the sink and wait for it to pile up tomorrow morning before they wash it. They toss away scraps, wash and organise the kitchen during and after they cook.

By doing this, you get to have more time and energy to spend on more important agendas.

They plan ahead

From grocery shopping list to daily, weekly and monthly reminders and to-do list tasks, these people know how to manage their time and they do it wisely. You won’t see them running around the house hiding all the clutter during an occasion or activity at home because they’ve dealt with it the day before. They know the power of planning and they utilise it efficiently.

They purge the clutter

Do you really need that much knickknacks on your cabinet tops? Because surely that will take a lot of moving and swiping to clean. The same goes for your kitchen countertops, the more unnecessary containers and displays there are, the more grease and dust goes collected.

It’s a simple equation: more stuff means more to clean and organise. No, we don’t imply you live in an almost empty home. Make an inventory, examine what you no longer need and purge all the unnecessary clutter. By doing so will make cleaning easier and your home more airy than with all the annoying knickknacks.

They make it a daily habit

Tidiness and cleanliness—these are the primary habits clean people attributes. These people make cleaning and tidying up their home a daily habit, not a quarterly general cleaning routine.

They don’t sit and wait until the dust settles before they move and swipe the tabletops, spending hours or dedicating an entire day or two just for cleaning and organising. They fold the laundry once it dries up, they keep all the toys back where it belongs and they wash the dishes every after they eat.

They have a routine and their goal is to accomplish all their tasks and keep the home spotless and looking like a million bucks. Tell us which do you prefer: coming home from work with an unmade bed and sink full of dirty plates or coming home stress-free—clean sink, tidy bed and living room free of clutter.  

They know how to fake it well

Even the most compulsively clean and tidy people (like Monica) get difficult times where they have more tasks at hand than their time to deal with each. Also, there are days where they need to skip on deep cleaning, and that’s okay.

Their secret perhaps? Junk drawers would be one. Whenever they feel short in time and a little under the weather, a quick dump of clutter in the common junk drawer does the trick of a spotless home.

Any other cleanliness tips you’d like to share with our readers? Leave a comment below! And don’t forget to fix your bed tomorrow morning!


Author Bio: Chie Suarez is a passionate writer for PAAL Kit Homes, a company that manufactures and supplies steel-framed kit homes that help Australian families build their dream home. Chie has a deep interest in home design and decoration.