eco-friendly windows

Going green is an essential part of life these days, and more people are catching on to it, regardless of how you choose to protect the environment. However, when it comes to choosing window styles for your home or commercial property, there are ways to ensure the preservation of the environment by choosing eco-friendly windows.

Here’s how to choose eco-friendly windows:

  • Choose the correct glass: Glass plays a vital role in choosing your windows. Glass is a sustainable material due to the fact that it’s mainly made out of sand. However, if you want to go completely green, opt for double-pane glass, which not only looks good, but allows natural sunlight to enter the room while blocking much of the heat transfer.
  • Opt for a sustainable frame: When choosing a frame, try sticking with wood or fiberglass which will last you for a long time and keep the environment healthy. Ensure a proper seal of your wood frames to keep moisture at bay and sustaining the overall look of the wood.
  • Consider repairing: Before deciding to install brand-new windows, consider the option of repairing and restoring what you already have – especially if the frame is made out of wood. Not only will you save on materials and time, but you’ll restore a perfectly fine wooden frame that just needed a little bit of love.
  • Weigh your options: Before making a purchase, either online or in store, ensure the wooden frame was made out of sustainable wood. It’s no use buying a product with the intent of preserving the environment when it’s just a label to improve revenue. Wood windows are only considered to be sustainable if grown and harvested as part of a sustainable forest plan.

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Why you should choose eco-friendly windows:

  • Increased insulation levels: Choosing the right glass means you have to opt for single, double or triple-paned windows to increase the insulation levels in your residential or commercial property – regardless of the season.
  • Less waste of natural resources: Increasing your insulation levels through a certain type of glass, and the fact that you don’t need to spend extra money to heat or cool your property, means less energy wasted on the resources needed to produce windows.
  • More money in your pocket: Due to the fact that you’re insulating your property better, it means you’ll be saving more money on heating or cooling costs – for which you can allocate into other parts of your personal life, home or commercial property.
  • It’ll make you a better person: Out of all the reasons for choosing eco-friendly windows instead of windows manufactured in a way that’s damaging to the environment, ensures that you’re doing your part to sustain the environment and keeping your home or commercial property healthy for years to come.

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Remember, choosing eco-friendly windows doesn’t mean you have to break the bank or go out of your way to achieve success. You can easily choose windows which will suit your architecture and décor, as well as your price range – all whilst protecting the environment. It all starts with you.

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