As a child, you may have formed a specific dream house in mind: probably spacious and luxurious. But as the time passes by, a large home still rules you mind but you start forming more considerations, like its location. The beauty of one’s home is judged not only by the quality of its architecture and interior design but also by where it’s placed.

While urban living offers a wide array of interesting colors, there are those who still prefer living a simple life away from the city’s crowd and noise. They choose to be one with the earth and embrace natural beauty by living next to a picturesque scenery crafted by nature. If you are planning to build your dream home that is close to nature, here are some of the ideas that you might consider.

1. A home out in the woods


The soothing harmony of the wild birds chirping on primitive trees will serve as your daily soundtrack when you plan to build your home in the woods. A home with rustic modern architecture and interior design is suited in a serene place home surrounded by nothing but lush greenery and wildlife.

Keep the colors neutral and make use of sustainable materials like wood and bamboo to achieve the rustic appeal. To showcase artistry in your space, display some wood crafts and sculptures with interesting shapes and patterns crafted by local artisans.While the floors, walls, ceilings, and some decorations have a touch of the woods and the forest, you may put in the comfort of urban living through the furniture like having a soft, mid century modern couch. Then put in large glass windows and skylights not only to give a modern touch but to highlight the beauty of the scenery that appears to be a live painting in your interior.

For your exterior, put in an open space like a balcony or porch so you may inhale fresh air that you don’t usually get from the city. Trees and other plants are like chemical factories that give off oxygen and filter the air, allowing you to improve your breathing and reduce stress.

2. A home on a coastal paradise

beach-houseThe calming sound of the waves combined with cool, salty breeze will greet you every time you step out of your open space. A minimalistic approach makes a good match with the ocean’s timeless beauty. An open patio with a soft couch or outdoor lounge chairs overlooking the picturesque view of the blue sea is recommended for your quiet and cozy refuge. For the interior, the concept of the glass walls, windows, and doors will never fail to amuse you as they let you experience the sea breeze even when you’re inside the house. Then, have your walls and other furniture painted in white to achieve that modern elegance and illusion of space. For your decoration, you may incorporate the natural wonders of coastal living through hand-made crafts made of sand, corals, and seashells.

Isn’t it amazing to step out and feel the warm sand tickling your feet? Aside from the beauty of the scenery or the relaxation brought by coastal living, people who live close to the beach are proven to be healthier than those who live inland. Several studies support this claim, stating that seaside living promotes creative thinking, reduces anxiety, and improves the respiratory system. Add these proven facts to your hundred reasons to visit the beach.

3. A home almost touching the sky


Planning to land your dream house on a mountain? You’ll get to enjoy spectacular wonders of the earth, or the universe rather, that exist only in paintings or photographs in the comfort of your home.

A log cabin is ideal for your dream home in the mountains since it gives an intimate, cozy, and comfortable feeling in the midst of chilly climates. In pulling off this look, there are two major elements to keep in mind – stone and wood that provide natural colors for your interior. Since high altitude locations are colder, you may invite heat by having south-facing windows that give warmth during the daytime. A brick stone fireplace is also a must-have, especially during cold nights.

Just imagine waking up looking at the fascinating landscapes filled with trees, water forms, and landforms while sipping your morning coffee. Living in the mountains also promotes an active lifestyle through physical activities like hiking and skiing. Then at night, you may enjoy staring at the visible milky way at the night sky that you probably have not seen before because of the city’s light pollution.

4. A home crafted in the middle of a booming tree


Turn your childhood fantasies into reality by building a simple home nestled among the trees. And yes, a treehouse can be more than just a kid’s playhouse but an imaginative place to live in. For instance, designers from Blue Forest in the UK have gained high respect for using the treehouse concept in building hotels, retreat facilities and luxury homes.

Whether you want to build a simple or luxury treehouse, it is essential to let your treehouse rise in a healthy, mature tree like oak, maple, beech, cedar, and hemlock. Wood and bamboo from sustainable sources are mainly used for the floors, walls, ceilings, and even the furniture. Just like other houses that showcase nature’s beauty, you may add glass windows or skylights. Bridges, especially the rope ones are also interesting additions so you may enjoy looking at the canopies and sighting wild birds.

By dwelling in the treehouse, you don’t have to put in air conditioners or electric fans since the ecosystem in the woods provides the cool and fresh air that you need. A wide balcony with comfortable lounge chairs allows you to listen to nature’s soothing harmony; the chirping of birds, the whistle of the winds, and the hissing of the leaves. In a treehouse, the trunk of the trees can be seen inside to remind you that though you are surrounded by your gadgets and home appliances, you are still one with nature

5. A home inspired by the Stone Age’s caves


In this era where almost all people in the planet have become civilized, who would want to live in caves? Well, if you are planning to be highly creative in building your dream home, then you may engage into the idea. In fact, there are still a large number of communities that dwell in caves in countries like China, Turkey, Tunisia, and Spain. Modern day architects break that dark, cold, and creepy prejudices about caves by giving it a subtle touch of modernity.

In building your stone age home, the key is to play with the interesting rock your walls and ceilings. You don’t have to put in shelves to serve as resting places of your decorations and appliances because you can simply carve the rocks to produce holes and opening. For the floors, you may add tiles, stone, or wood flooring, depending on your preference Then, add modern furniture that may be composed of leather, chrome and glass to give the space a different flavor. For sure, you won’t be pleased to sit on a hard couch made of rocks, would you? Since most caves are not that exposed to sunlight, invest on decorative wall lights and chandeliers.

Cave homes are ecologically friendly and definitely cheaper in terms of construction and power and heat consumption compared to conventional dwellings. Since they come with a natural layer of insulation, they offer a strong defense against storms. But above all, cave dwelling gives you solitude and a great connection with the earth.

AUTHOR BIO: Carmina Natividad likes the idea of finding a home that matches one’s personality. Her keen interest in real estate and design helps her in writing for Thomas Property, a boutique real estate agency based in Australia that aims to improve the consumers’ experiences in leasing, selling, and buying properties