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Bioremediation: The Favored Method for Oil Spill Clean-ups

The repercussions of marine spills are economic and can cause considerable harm to humankind and wildlife. Though there is consensus about the need to prevent offshore oil spills, they still continue. What are the most effective oil remediation solutions available? An in-depth analysis of the history and current status of bioremediation titled, "Bioremediation Methods for Oil Spills", provides an extensive discussion of this subject. Bioremediation ... Read more

Biodegradable Stuff That Will Blow Your Mind

It’s natural to think of bioremediation now, especially after the high-profile Exxon-Valdez and BP Deepwater Horizon spills of recent years. Bioremediation refers to the process by which natural organisms, either native to an oil spill or introduced to the site, breakdown and consume petroleum and other hazardous liquids. Prior to the Exxon Valdez spill, bioremediation was largely untested. But as studies into the environmental ... Read more