Texas is in a major heat wave with thunderstorms and power shortages that are wearing down on its electricity costs. Wanna save money on your summer electric bill, Texas? Then now’s the time to switch to solar power.

Just a little insight

Teaser electricity rates for 3 month periods and even long-term energy plans are rising significantly. Indeed, according to the trade group, The Association of Electric Companies of Texas, the rate on a one-year fixed electrical price has increased more than 20 percent. These energy prices are challenging to keep up with and more and more of the Lone Star State is turning to the sun to save on energy bills.

It’s not just the teaser electricity and long-term plans skyrocketing though. The increase in retail rates at wholesale market prices keeps rising with no indication it’ll slow down. Direct Energy doesn’t even offer “Power-to-Go” plans to first-time customers anymore. The prepaid plan altered monthly prices AND wholesale prices. Indeed, it’s speculated that Texas is peaking at a 15-year high in price increases. Yikes!

Texas: A Leader in Solar

Interestingly, Texas has emerged as a lead state in solar energy use as a result of citizens responding to surging prices and taking advantage of Texas’ plentiful sunshine. In 2017, Texas was the 4th largest solar state and this year, it’s speculated they may climb to the #3 spot! Another boon of the solar energy interest in Texas is the number of jobs created. A whopping 8,873 solar industry jobs have been created in Texas! Saving money and earning money, solar energy has been a huge asset to Texans across the board!

Because Texas gets so much sun, going solar in Texas pays off immediately. It’s well equipped for instant energy-generating solar panels, not to mention the state and federal tax credits that slice the price so you’re getting all sun and no burn. It takes about 1-3 days to install solar panels and the typical amount of time dealing with permits and paperwork and mounting the pre-installation steps tends to take no longer than 3 months total. If you happen to need to de-install or re-install solar energy panels for your current home or a new home, most installation companies can perform that, regardless of make, model, or previous install company.

What will it cost you?

As for cost, financing depends on several facts: your current electrical service, utility company, local jurisdictions, and the type of panels you select. When you work with a solar energy installation company, you tally up your system size, costs, benefits, financing options, and design and learn how the federal, state, and local tax credits and rebates play into your price. Still wanting to get a better idea of how much it could cost? Most Texans tend to finance their solar energy with no money out of pocket and a payment that is often below their energy savings. Cash customers typically say payback in as little as 5 years.

All right Texas. What are you waiting for? The switch to solar energy is cheaper, more environmentally friendly, and a hassle-free power alternative. Get a free solar energy consultation today and learn more about your options!

About the Author: Farryn Campbell is a mother of 3 wild boys and loves spending her time outdoors on her solar powered farm. She is also an avid spokesperson for reusing materials and enjoys helping out her community.