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Roof Repair or Roof Replacement?

Every house will need a new roof at some point. Whether it's after two years due to a massive storm or 100 years due to unbelievable luck (or, more likely, neglect) eventually every roof is destined to fail. It's like anything in life-- nothing is ever permanent. The question, as the following excerpt from House Logic  attests, is when to replace a roof. The ... Read more

Signs Your Home’s Roof is Failing

For homeowners, performing property assessments to ensure that everything is functioning properly is important to preventing damage, dangerous conditions, and future expenses. One of the most important assessments to conduct is a roof assessment. If any of the following are noticed, it may be a sign that the roof is failing, and that immediate action needs to be taken to repair it: Missing, Cracked, or ... Read more

Roof Leaks: Common Causes

A leaky roof can be a sure way to ruin the day. But more than that, a leaking roof can also cause extensive internal and external home damage, leading to high costs of repair. If you have a leaking roof, it’s important that you identify the cause for quick and efficient correction. According to remodeling contractor TrueSon Exteriors, "The weakest link to your home ... Read more