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Must Visit Historical Landmarks & Artworks of Europe

Who doesn't love to travel? Traveling is a great way to take a vacation from your normal daily life and explore the world. Everyone needs to relax once in a while! Traveling is also a great way to learn more about yourself and improve your lifestyle. When you plan to visit a new place for your next travel destination, you are bounded to do ... Read more

History of Bridge Construction and Its Architecture

One of the things many people see while there’s a bridge construction going on are deformed bars. In the Philippines, there is so much construction going on, nobody knows if the roads were damaged in the first place. However, this also can mean that the structures are being improved. But how were bridges built back then in the first place? Before that question gets answered, ... Read more

The History of Skyscrapers

Steel is utilized in different areas in the world to construct various things, from buildings to structures, household tools to appliances. There is no doubt that, since its birth, steel plates in the Philippines and other countries are used to create tools and establishments that people use and see daily. Skyscraper is one of the structures that use steel as construction material. Skyscrapers are tall ... Read more

San Francisco’s Mission District Architecture

The Mission District is a large district bordered by U.S. Highway 101, Market, Dolores, Potrero and Cesar Chavez. Contained in a flat hollow between the Castro and Potrero Hill, the Mission District stretches south from SoMa to Bernal Heights. Most of the action takes place in the eight blocks between the two BART stations (16th and 24th streets) along Mission, Valencia and Dolores. The ... Read more