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Transform Your Terrace with Premium Teak Furniture

Furniture made with teak materials can provide a unique and upscale look for your outdoor living space. Today's retailers covet manufacturers that use materials from the teak tree, a tropical hardwood tree species native to southern and southeastern Asia. Countries with the highest percentage of teak trees include Burma, India, Malaysia, and Thailand. Teak is a shortened name for the hardwood tree species Tectona Grandis. ... Read more

Maximizing Natural Light to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Let’s face it—energy bills can quickly become astronomical, especially with a house full of people. Luckily there’s plenty of sneaky ways to cut down on your energy costs, without sacrificing your comfort or getting snarky comments from your teenagers. In fact, maximizing natural lighting can actually make you happier and healthier in the long run, thanks to good old vitamin D. Check out these ... Read more

Five Tips for Sourcing Eco-Friendly Furniture

American spend tens of billions of dollars each year on furniture. Many of them will visit a high street store to browse and purchase and get to pay a hefty premium, particularly if the item is a designer brand. When the item becomes worn out (usually fairly quickly) or the fashion changes (even more quickly) the old furniture is often thrown out and the whole ... Read more

The Surging Popularity of Mid-Century Modern Furniture

The 1950's saw a great deal of importance put on creativity and unique design features in architecture, furniture and automobiles. Eager to showcase what they felt would be a taste of the future, designers incorporated newer materials and design elements in their work, which became collectively known as "Mid-Century Modern". Today, with the help of shows like "Mad Men", mid-century furniture has experienced a huge ... Read more

Simple Guidelines When Remodeling Your Home

You have been planning to remodel your home for quite some time now. You have allotted ample period on generating ideas and have saved enough money for the materials that you need in the alteration phase. But then a problem arises; you don’t know how to execute your concepts. You have no idea whether home appliances made in the Philippines, China, or elsewhere are best ... Read more

Effective Design Solutions for Dining Areas

As one of the common focal points in numerous households around the world, a smartly arranged dining room is a sign of the owner’s commitment in the creation of hospitable atmosphere. It has long stopped being only a place where you serve and sup delicious meals, but also a handy canvass for interior décor ideas. Here are some tips on how to make a ... Read more

Bringing Comfort in Your New Home to a Whole New Level

  When you move house, it is always a good idea to try to replicate the comfort you had before, and even improve it. Making your new home more comfortable will take some time and careful planning as you need to decide what you want to move where and if there’s a need to upgrade your furniture. Bear in mind that comfort doesn’t come from ... Read more

Indulge In Some Rustic Luxury With Bespoke Oak Furniture

It is said that a man’s home is his castle, and, we all want our homes to be unique and reflect our individuality. One way of imprinting your personality onto a room is through using bespoke pieces of furniture. Bespoke oak furniture is made exactly to your specifications so you can be sure that it will match your tastes. Rustic oak beam furniture is a ... Read more