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Beat the Heat with These Patio Shade Solutions

Americans take sun safety much more seriously than they once did. With skin cancer, heat stroke, and other serious consequences of the sun gaining more attention all the time, people want to remain safe while enjoying their time outdoors. We expand more on the benefits of installing a permanent source of shade below. Top Benefits of Patio Shade Protection It doesn’t need to be summer for ... Read more

Did You Know These Eight Celebrities Studied Architecture?

Ever think that the person you’re sitting next to could be a celebrity one day. Perhaps your classmate or the gal sitting next to you at the coffee shop? Yes, most of your classmates will end up with Engineering or Architecture degrees, some will change lanes and pursue other courses but it is not outside the realm of possibilities that some may end up ... Read more

Ooni Pizza Oven Review – Learn From My Mistakes!

Homemade pizza always sounds like a great idea... until it doesn't. Pre-heating the oven and cooking all those pizzas takes a long time, especially when everyone's making there own individual pies. And good luck trying to have everything ready at the same time! If that all isn't enough, it's even worse when living in a house with no air conditioning. That's because turning on the ... Read more

How to Clean up an Overgrown Yard Efficiently

(Image Credit: Have Dumptruck, Will Travel) Sometimes people buy a house for such a great price that they’re willing to invest time and resources into fixing it up. This goes for the yard as much as anything else. The house may look perfect inside, but the yard looks like it hasn’t seen a lawnmower in years. The grass is too tall, the bushes are overgrown, and ... Read more

Overcome the Effects of Hearing Loss on Relationships

Being able to effectively communicate with others is essential to building happiness and trust. This holds true whether you've been married for decades, are looking for that special someone, or want to stay connected with other family and friends, But if you are struggling with hearing loss, communicating with others can be challenging. Most studies highlight the negative effects of hearing loss on relationships. However, ... Read more

How to Make Paper Without Trees

Today, there are lots of materials available for making paper besides trees. Take a look at the ingredients the next time you buy paper products like loose leaf, notepads and stationery. You might find some of the materials listed below. Post-Consumer Waste Unsurprisingly, a lot of newly produced paper today comes from recycled materials. Buying paper created from post-consumer waste decreases the amount of trees needed ... Read more

Six Compelling Reasons Why Swimming At Night Is The Best

(Image Credit: Garden State Hiker / Flickr) Many people enjoy swimming because they get to enjoy it with their family and friends. Relaxing in a pool or shallow water at the beach is a popular Summer pastime. However, many also overlook the great results for your body and health that occur from swimming. Unknown to many is that swimming is a great exercise to do during ... Read more

Transform Your Terrace with Premium Teak Furniture

Furniture made with teak materials can provide a unique and upscale look for your outdoor living space. Today's retailers covet manufacturers that use materials from the teak tree, a tropical hardwood tree species native to southern and southeastern Asia. Countries with the highest percentage of teak trees include Burma, India, Malaysia, and Thailand. Teak is a shortened name for the hardwood tree species Tectona Grandis. ... Read more
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