backyard fire pit

Summer passes all too quickly for many people, even those who live in climates with mild weather during the fall and winter. For those with an outdoor firepit, summer doesn’t need to end quite so soon.

As the evening air becomes a bit crisper, spending time with friends and family around a firepit helps to extend time spent outside by a few weeks to months depending on the climate. Below are several ideas for homeowners for backyard fire pit ideas and activities.

Bring the Camping Experience Home

Telling stories around the campfire is practically a right of passage for kids fortunate enough to attend camp away from home. Many adults find that they enjoy the tradition as well. There’s no need to sign up for camp to enjoy this experience when it’s possible to do so in the backyard.

While ghost stories around the campfire have long been a tradition, parents know their kids best and can gauge whether they would enjoy a scary story or not. Funny stories and legends about ancestors can also make for a good time around the backyard fire table.

Outdoor Movie Night

Homeowners who have the space can hang a sheet from a tree or clothesline to act as a screen and then project an agreed-upon movie from a smartphone onto the white sheet. Playing a movie that coordinates with a theme night such as back to the 1980s or romantic comedy can make outdoor movies even more fun and special. Providing family or guests with popcorn and soda makes for a truly authentic cinema experience outdoors.

Roast Marshmallows or Make S’mores

Placing a marshmallow on the end of a skewer and roasting it over an open flame is a camping tradition as old as ghost stories. Parents should supervise children around fire and request that any guests with children do the same. Eating the sticky, gooey marshmallow immediately after roasting it is an option as is using it for the middle part of a s’more. The marshmallow goes inside two pieces of chocolate that sit inside two graham crackers for a delicious and time-honored snack.

S’mores have been among the the all-time favorite backyard fire pit ideas for generations. Just be sure to have wipes or wet towels handy to clean up marshmallow drips or chocolate smears!

Quiet Reflection Time

Firepits tend to draw people together, whether set up at a campground or a private home. They can also invite solitude and reflection. The heat and flame of the fire tends to make people feel more relaxed, which in turn allows their thoughts to flow freer. This can make the ideal setting for journaling or meditation or a romantic place for couples to share conversation.

Arts & Crafts Over Wine

Girls night out doesn’t have to involve going to a bar or nightclub when groups of ladies can have just as much fun around a backyard barbeque pit. Those who choose to can enjoy a glass of wine or two while completing a fun craft project such as painting. Hosting a backyard book club around a firepit is also a unique idea and way to bring groups of friends together.

Play Cards or Board Games with the Kids

Today’s generation of children have never known a time without the Internet, smartphones, Zoom calls, and other forms of technology. When it comes to family games, however, sometimes older and simpler is better. Kids who have never played such classics as Old Maid or Go Fish will enjoy learning from their parents or other family members and then playing a few games with them.

Older children and teenagers might enjoy cribbage, chess, or a game that challenges them a bit more. The important thing is to find something everyone can play and then just enjoy spending the time together.

Have a Sing-a-Long

Karaoke is popular in bars, but it can be even more fun at home around a firepit with a group of friends. Those who don’t have a karaoke machine should be able to find an app that simulates one on their smartphone. The host of the backyard party can divide people into singing teams for competitions or suggest sing-alongs in more of a camping style. This should provide plenty of laughs for everyone and a great way to bond and relax.

It’s too late in the year for people to purchase and install a backyard firepit. Even those who live in colder climates should be able to enjoy the warmth of a hot fire for most evenings of the year.