With the New Year fast approaching, folks are more than likely sitting down with a pen and some paper ready to hash out some resolutions next year. Most of the resolutions will be familiar; eat healthier, exercise more, pick up a new hobby (you know, the things you wanted to do this but just didn’t get around to doing).

Instead of rolling out the same old resolutions as last year, why not start with something that will have an immediate impact on your daily life: getting more organized. Here are a few tips that can help you ring in a New Year more organized than ever.

Set up Some Pegboards

32-x-72-Wallpeg-Pegboard-KitYour New Year’s organization efforts don’t have to focus just on the home, you can stretch it out to straighten out the garage as well. There is nothing more frustrating than sifting through piles of unorganized tools, so take this time to get them all straightened out. Using a pegboard to get those tools out of the bins and hanging on the wall gives you a perfect opportunity to lay them out in a neat and orderly fashion. We suggest using a Wallpeg pegboard, it’s made of plastic and features locking peg hooks. These pegboards wont get warped or moldy, and the hooks will stay exactly where you want them to be.

CD Racks for Tupperware Organizations

100937257_1215MSP.jpg.rendition.largestLets face it: nobody is buying CD’s any more. But that doesn’t mean those CD organizers don’t have a purpose. Instead of having to dig through your drawer to find the right sized lid, lay a small CD rack on its side and use it to neatly separate the lids for easy access. Never again will you have to waste time having to pair up the right container with the right size top.

DIY Shelf Risers

enhanced-buzz-28541-1380825769-12Looking to maximize shelf space for that ever-growing book or DVD collection? Those with deep shelving might feel as if they are wasting space with just one row of items, but a shelf riser can help you double the amount of space that you can use.