modern bathroom remodel

Bathroom remodels are complicated and costly, yet beyond worth it. You will bring tranquility into your days, impress guests, and sometimes just stand there and admire your new domain. Here are seven steps for bringing your vision to life.

Dream Up Your Ideal Bathroom

Start by making a list of everything you could hope for in your new bathroom. Of course it probably won’t be reasonable to include everything right away, but knowing exactly what you want makes it more likely that your contractor will be able to fit more into your budget. Plus, your remodel can be planned so that other dream amenities can be added down the road.

Consider Your Goals

Spend time contemplating what a remodel will accomplish. Think about who will be using it: children, or guests? Should your bath accommodate two? Are you in and out, or do you spend hours in the tub each week? Many home improvement companies suggest that homeowners should not design your new bathroom with just the next few years in mind. They encourage clients to think about where they will be in 10 years? 15? 30? Consequently, plans should incorporate as much as they can foresee into  designs now to save another overhaul down the line.”

Your bathroom should be remodeled with the people using it in mind. For instance, if it’s a master bath, you can include amenities such as dual shower heads, individual vanity space, space for an upholstered chair, or even expanded windows to let that natural light in. If the bathroom is for children, you may include lower counter tops, durable and cleanable materials, and space to put dirty laundry. To impress guests with a revamped powder room, possibly include fancy tile or a pedestal sink.

Devise a Budget

Look over your wish list. Do your research and consult professionals to add prices to the items you want. If you want the most accurate price prediction, choose materials before hiring a remodeling service. Or, brainstorm with a contractor to concoct a plan within a pre-determined budget.

Space and Functionality

Think about function and comfort, and take the time to make your future life a little easier. Make sure outlets will be in convenient locations, and within a safe distance from water sources. Plan for a safe bathroom with grab bars and slip-resistant floors.

Choose Materials

Consider various materials for your bathroom remodel. For instance, tile is easy to clean and its grout keeps the floor slip-resistant. Granite counter tops are pricey, but gorgeous and durable.

Plan Strategic Use of Space

Plan for your new sanctuary to remain clutter-free. You can install pull-out shelves in the linen closet so that junk won’t collect in the back. Adding drawers of varying heights will give proper homes to both large items such as hair dryers and small beauty items. You can also add more space to a small shower by installing a niche or a slightly curved curtain rod.

Bring Your Dream to Life

Hire a trustworthy and experienced remodeling company to turn your vision into a reality. Find a group that understand the value of keeping communication lines open with plumbers, electricians, and designers. The right company will be able to manage your project in order to make sure it is progressing according to your plan. Before you know it, you will have the bathroom you always wanted.