DIYs to Turn Secondhand Finds into Trendy Accents

Trends are all the rage one day and old news the next. It’s not the wisest choice to invest money into something that will go from being ultra popular to outdated in such a short period of time. Along with being a waste of money, buying something that is going to get tossed to the curb and make its way to the landfill isn’t an eco-friendly decision. A great trick for getting those looks you covet is to hit the local flea markets or a classifieds like Krrb to find secondhand pieces that need a little makeover. These DIY projects will inspire you to update your home on a budget all while helping the environment!

Wallpapered Dresser

You may have seen the inside of dresser drawers lined with wallpaper before, but have you ever seen the exterior done in this way? This project is as simple as they come and leaves a lot of room for your own creativity. Choose any type of wallpaper you would like for this, from marble contact paper to classic floral prints and everything in between. This is a great way to add subtle pops of color or pattern to your space without being overwhelming (or over budget!)

Velvet Tufted Headboard

Add that high-style look to a bedroom without breaking the bank by making your own tufted velvet headboard. Once you find an affordable secondhand headboard, the rest of the steps are easy to accomplish (as long as you have patience!) With foam, fabric, buttons and a staple gun you’ll be able to have a hotel-like bed in no time.

Painted Accent Chair

Chairs and seating options don’t come cheap, especially when they are following along with the current must-have style. Is there anybody that doesn’t love a good accent chair though? Skip the expensive chairs and find a secondhand one on the cheap to update on your own. All you need for this project is some fabric paint, fabric brushes and a steady hand. Choose your own design and color scheme and get to it.

Trendy Boho Rope Ottoman

With rattan and bamboo furniture becoming more and more popular, we can’t blame you for wanting to add elements of bohemian style to your home. Making yourself one of these rope ottomans is as easy as it looks. Grab a hot glue gun and rope and you’re ready to get started. Although the tip for this project is to do it with a car tire, you can also use an old ottoman of your own or find one being sold secondhand.

Personalized Cutting Board

You can now take an average cutting board and personalize it to make cooking even more fun. If you’re not a fan of slicing and dicing, a cutting board doubles as a serving platter for snacks when guests are over. For this project the only thing you’ll need besides the cutting board itself is a wood burning tool. You can buy one of these for a low price at your local crafts store or borrow one from the local DIY community. From here you can go ahead and create any type of design you want.

Statement Pom Pom Throw

Take an average throw or blanket and turn it into a fun textile to drape over the side of your couch or at the end of your bed. Make your own giant pom poms by wrapping yarn around an embroidery hoop while watching your favorite TV show. Make as many as you want and simply attach them to the edge of your blanket by feeding the yarn through and tying them tight.

Ladder Clothing Rack

The ladder clothing rack is a great option for just about anyone. Not only is it a cheap alternative to traditional shelving, but it also gives a living space a bit more originality. While you can do this project in many different ways, by positioning the ladder horizontally against the wall, it has almost a dry cleaners aesthetic.  You can paint it, ombre it, bedazzle it etc. The list of things you can do to this blank slate is endless.

Musical Shelves

Shelves are a great place to store knick knacks and show off your personality. What makes a shelf even cooler? If it’s made out of a guitar! Even if you’ve never touched a guitar before, after seeing this I’m sure you all of a sudden want to buy a used one, hack it open and throw some succulents in there.

Need help sourcing secondhand items? Shop locally on Krrb to find some great deals in your neighborhood so you can get started on these projects right away!

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