front door decorationThey say that you can never get a second chance to make a good first impression, and they’re completely right. First impression, good or bad, lingers for a long time and is nearly impossible to shake off. When you first invite people to your place, they won’t start evaluating it when they step into the hallway. This process begins much sooner. Once they walk up to it or park in the driveway, they will look at the exterior of your home and already start forming opinions on it. This is why it’s be safe to assume that, if you want to make this first impression count, you need to start with your front door. Below are some creative ideas to up your front door decoration game:

Letter Monogram

One of the things people with no eye for detail will say is that all doors look like one another. Unfortunately, even they will be right most of the time. For this reason, the first thing you need to take care of when it comes to your front door decoration is personalization. The easiest way to do so is with a letter monogram. Family initials are always a welcome sight, but it is the design of this monogram that matters the most. If you decide to buy a letter, you can get whatever is on offer. Still, if you are keener on a DIY letter, it might be best to stick to hardboard. Later on, you can decorate it in whatever manner you want.

Chalkboard Signboard

Most people you know probably have a doormat saying “Welcome” in front of their door. Now, if you aim to be a bit more creative, you can replace a doormat sign with a chalkboard sign hanging from the door. In this way, your doormat could just be saying “Look Up” and the real message would be on the chalkboard. This accessory has two major advantages. First, it’s completely unique and it is highly unlikely that anyone else in the neighborhood will come up with that. Second, unlike with the doormat, you can alter the message whenever you feel like it.

Flower Basket

Door with flower basket

Additionally, if you want to add a bit of natural touch to the front door decor, you can always hang a flower basket. Your choice of floral door buckets will be truly amazing, but this depends mostly on two things: the season and your personal preference.

The best thing about this particular front door decoration is that, apart from looking great, it is so much fun to make, thus adding one more item to your list of potential DIY projects. However, don’t neglect your new front door foliage. A dead bush or a brown bouquet doesn’t exactly scream “welcome to our beautiful home!

Safe and Sound

Finally, not all guests are welcome and, even in this situation, your front door needs to send a certain message. Most burglars are cautious by nature and dislike spending too much time breaking in. Because of this, Locksmith Ryde experts claim that a quality door with a strong lock has a chance of dissuading burglars from even trying to break in. As we all know, prevention is always better than any kind of treatment. From all of this, we see that apart from decorative, your front doors also have a protective nature and this is something that simply cannot be neglected.

As a final point, your home’s design is like well-oiled machinery. When each and every single part is in its place, it works flawlessly. Conversely, even the most beautiful facade or front lawn can be ruined by the front door that simply looks out of place. Luckily, with just a bit of good will and careful planning, you can prevent such a thing from happening. This way, your front door might just become the part of your home you will be proudest to display.