We are all aware that having the ability to swim gives you a stronger advantage over the others. Firstly, you can save your life and the lives of others when the situation calls for it. You can also improve your overall physical health as swimming puts the heart, lungs, and immune system in a better condition. Last but not least, there’s no doubt that swimming is an activity people of all ages can enjoy.

Aside from these common facts, there are eight other specific reasons why it is ideal for everyone to learn how to swim, whether one is a toddler who has just learned how to walk or an adult who has always been cowardly of deep waters.

1. Swimming is for everyone

Swimming is a low-impact exercise that allows people of different capacities and limitations to stay fit. Water’s buoyancy can make swimmers go for higher intensities without feeling the tear and wear on the body. Since it’s easy on the bones and the joints, it caters to people like injured athletes, persons with physical boundaries, pregnant women, infant and toddlers, and the elderly.


2. Swimming can make you smarter

Aside from improving your physical state, swimming is also proven to work on your mental health. According to a study of Journal of Physiology, researchers concluded that water-based workouts help improve blood flow to the brain. Another study that supports the claim is the one of Griffith Institute of Educational Research in Australia, where the results showed that kids who took swimming lessons were able to master fine motor skills, language development, physical development, and self-confidence sooner than the group of non-swimmers.

3. Swimming cures asthma

As a person who has been battling with asthma for years, I understand the frustrations of not being able to run, walk, and do simple exercises without running out of breath. Luckily, swimming allows you to work out in moist air and not in a dry, pollen-filled air, where you can adapt good breathing techniques. This helps alleviate the exercise-induced asthma symptoms and improve the overall condition of your lungs in the long run.

4. Swimming makes your under-worked muscles move

Are you guilty of working for eight to ten hours a day until your buttocks heat your seat? Well, you must be warned that getting stuck to a sedentary lifestyle can be deadly. The good news is it’s never too late to get back in shape once you start swimming.

Unlike other workouts, swimming allows you to move all your muscles, even the most inactive ones. Swimming forces you to move both arms and legs to keep your balance and level in the water, which helps you develop stabilizing muscles in your core and lower back.

5. Swimming can burn more calories than running

Most people know that swimming is a good way to burn calories and lose weight, but only a few are aware that swimming can be as effective as hopping on the treadmill or running miles. It depends on the intensity and the specific stroke you choose. For instance, if you swim for 10 minutes, you can burn 80 calories with a backstroke, 100 calories with a freestyle, and 150 calories with a butterfly stroke, which can do better than running a 10-minute mile with 100 burned calories.

Aside from doing different strokes, the sport itself helps stimulate the entire body which leads to an increase in metabolism. If you want to lose weight, it is recommended to devote 20 minutes hitting the pool for three to four times a week.

6. Swimming eliminates stress and depression

Have you ever wondered why you feel relaxed after soaking in a bathtub after a long day at work? According to a study published in Pain Research and Management, regular flotation tank sessions relieve conditions related to chronic stress. The submersion into the water as well as the sound of your breathing and water rushing, drown out any forms of distractions, leaving you with nothing but a calm and relaxed mind and body. Swimming is a sport that is often compared to yoga and meditation with regards to its calming effect on your physical and mental wellness.

7. Swimming blurs the signs of aging

Aside from the fact that swimming, particularly in saltwater, moisturizes the skin and detoxifies to promote new cell growth, swimming helps in making you look and feel young by keeping your immune system alive and kicking even after decades. Old people who swam regularly enjoy life with good blood pressure, cholesterol levels, nervous system health, cognitive functioning, and cardiovascular performance, and live every day as if they are 20 years younger.


8.Swimming introduces you to breathtaking adventures

If your spirit is always craving adventure, learning how to swim is a must. Compared to other non-swimmers, you have the advantage to see the things that are usually unseen. You can visit the stunning marine world underneath the surface and witness the wide array of aquatic animals and coral reefs. You can also take the exercise and hobby to a whole new level and join swimming competitions. Whatever that is, swimming opens the door to the fun and exciting experiences in life.

So what are you waiting for? Forget your worries and jump on the water.

Author bio:
Despite her busy daily routine, Carmina Natividad still manages to find time for a little self-pampering. Aside from hitting the pool during the weekends, she also finds interest in writing articles focused on health and wellness. She is now one of the writers for Swimprint, a go-to shop for swimming enthusiasts in the UK.