As one of the common focal points in numerous households around the world, a smartly arranged dining room is a sign of the owner’s commitment in the creation of hospitable atmosphere. It has long stopped being only a place where you serve and sup delicious meals, but also a handy canvass for interior décor ideas. Here are some tips on how to make a tasteful and effective dining set-up with minimal effort.

Optimal arrangement

In order to obtain a sense of unity and comfort, some spacing rules have to be observed. To avoid having guests’ chairs and elbows clashing all the time, leave at least 24 inches of free space between individual seats, and 7 inches between the apron of the table and chair arms. Also, it’s recommended to keep at least 36 inches between a wall or other interior elements and the whole table set-up.

When furniture organization is concerned, people tend to employ one of these two main methods. First, if you want to instill a whiff of traditional air, the chars should match the table for a seamless transition. The common alternative to this is the colorful mashup approach which entails matching different finishes that complement each other. For example, you can pair deep bordeaux-brown chairs with a pine table.

Soft touch

It’s not uncommon to see a lot of polished hardwood surfaces in the dining environment, and this can give it an overly serious and formal tone. To soften this effect, introduce some textile elements into this space to create a warm and pleasant ambience.

By opting for interesting flatweave runner rugs, you’ll make the welcoming dining area stand out from the rest of the house interior. This can also serve as a quick solution for the “just moved in” bare look. If you decide on a carpet of bigger proportions, make sure this floor covering spans out around 36 inches on all sides so chairs wouldn’t get stuck on it when being pulled out.

Flatweave runner rug from tools
Flatweave runner rug from Miss Amara

Adequate lighting

There’s nothing more annoying than sitting in a restaurant with stark lights blinding you. Similar thing can occur in your dining room if you don’t choose and position your light sources carefully. For starters, you can make the best of your window panels and the sun. Sunrays can bring that pleasantly warm snugness and natural light to the room. Now, don’t despair if your windows are not big enough, since strategically placed mirrors can easily capture more of the outside light.

In addition, the presence of mirrors will create an illusion of spaciousness for some modestly sized rooms. To achieve this in full effect, place a wide mirror on the wall opposite the window. Combine it with moderate, dimmed lighting in the form of a chandelier or a pendant lamp and create a supreme dining experience.

Set the table

Stunning table set-ups are great conversation starters. Take time to dress up your table and your guests will never complain about waiting for food or being bored. This dining table theatre also enhances the overall impression of the food that’s being served. When choosing your tableware, select the pieces that go with the style of your dining room.

Apart from browsing for neutral and versatile serving sets, pick up some accent pieces for special occasions, such as napkin holders, crystal figurines and intricate candlesticks. Dining room cabinets play a major role in the room set-up as they can hold your collections of fine china and unique wine glasses. Lastly, make sure the table linens are stain-free and unmarred.

Personal stamp

Copying an entire dining room set-up from Pinterest or any site concerned with interior design is not the best idea if it doesn’t reflect your personal style and preferences. Your friends and family will certainly notice if the room lacks spirit and homeliness. Think about the ways you can make your dining space stand out. Accent paintjob, paintings and heirloom pieces are just some of the suggestions that can give this space a unique stamp.

No matter if you’re hosting a party or having a private date with your partner, a splendid décor will undoubtedly boost the dining experience. Check out our tips to achieve something similar in your home.

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