The monochrome trend is far from vanishing in the limelight. It dominates the fashion world and it brings sophistication to interiors. Neutrals and/or monochromes are the foundation of an ethereal style.

Neutral decorating is part of many interior styles from Scandinavian to Minimalist and Monochrome. The decorating scheme is simple yet exquisite, and its flexibility goes well with a range of styles.

When layered, structured and designed right, a neutral colors make a bold statement. Want to use a monochrome style work for your home? Here are some tips for getting monochromatic themes right.

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1: Keep the shades in the same family

A common misconception is that neutral or monochromatic interiors are boring and use few colors. However it’s the inability to make use of a variety of subtle shades that makes the style look dull and lifeless.

Utilizing multiple shades is the key to creating depth in a monochromatic theme. From walls to floor covering to furniture, use contrasting shades of a singlecolor to create contrasts. The use of different textures will often stand out more when the attention is not focused on an wider spectrum of colors.

2: Accentuate and layer

At first glance, a neutral interior decor, may look like a blunt two-color scheme. It’s only upon paying attention to details that one begins to appreciate the many variations around them.

So don’t obsess over perfectly matching accessories like pillow cases and curtains. using differing shades in a monochromatic theme creates a warm layered effect. Also,embracing the neutral doesn’t mean you can’t toss in a hint of other warm tones or textures. A dab of gold, chrome, wood, or copper in upholstery, lighting, or has a dramatic effect without feeling overdone. But be consistent, and try to stay with one material as a mix of chrome, brushed nickel, and gold in a single room may look tacky.

3: Play with textures and patterns

There are a few ways to spice up a neutral home, one of which is incorporating textures and patterns. Cover your throws with stripes or add a rug or any other textural element through your upholstery or accessories.

A neutral color scheme is fun to style and play around with, take some risks and have fun with your home decor. After all, it’s a way of embossing your personality in your home.

4: Let the furniture make a statement

One of the things you should invest in that is guaranteed worthy of your cash are quality furniture. You should have no hesitations when spending on high quality, elegant furniture that suits your home and personal taste; and also stands the test of time.


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5: Keep a keen eye on tiny details

Artworks, craft pieces, display figurines, photos and frames, nightstands, coffee table, backdrop, curtains, and other accessories does a great job at catching visitor’s attention to focus on these small details.

These details, may it be big or small, captures the essence of a room. It allows the visitors to appreciate the whole layout and the pieces within. If you’d like to add a hint of color or attention-grabbing pieces, highlight one of these examples.

6: Make a statement

Neutrals and monochromes don’t discourage bold statements or pop of color in your space. On the contrary, flowers on the center table in the middle of a neutral room enlightens the warm tones and makes the atmosphere extra cozy. It’s nice to bring the outdoors in sometimes.

Also, display your figurines, artworks and etc. as your statement piece. It’s always a good decor move to make a statement in a room. It makes the space more sophisticated.

7: Let the light in

This is probably in every decor tips and the oldest rule in the book: always let natural light travel your space. This is especially important for neutral-themed homes.

If you want, you can place your statement or display piece where the light hits to easily draw your visitor’s attention to the item. Lighting up your space means showcasing everything in it; it highlights each and every piece’s value and gives emphasis on how seamless and classy the layout is.

What are your tips to achieving a well-designed and decorated neutral-colored home? Share your thoughts with us!

About the Author: Chie Suarez is a passionate writer for PAAL Kit Homes, a company that manufactures and supplies steel-framed kit homes that help Australian families build their dream home. Chie has a deep interest in home design and decoration.