Setting up your backyard as an oasis of serenity and relaxation requires a bit of planning. You need to make sure that all your features and accessories have enough room. Fire pits are one of the most space-demanding additions for your backyard. But a well-designed fire pit can quickly become the most popular component of a backyard. Acting as a centerpiece for your yard, a fire pit also adds value to a home and is a valuable investment.

Below are a few helpful tips for setting up the perfect fire pit on your property.

Do You Want to Move It Around?

Depending on the size of your backyard, it might be a good idea to get a portable fire pit. Portable fire pits save space and eliminate worries about clean up. However, with mobility comes the hassle of setting up every time. Portable options also have more limited style options and typically are not as durable. Nevertheless, if opting for a portable fire pit, be sure to go with a resistant material in order to have your fire pit last.

What Will Be Your Fuel?

The type of fuel you will use for your fire pit is essential when deciding to build one. Types of fuel vary as far as ease of set-up, cost, and eco-friendliness. Deciding between gas and wood is a common dilemma, and both sides have merit. Wood has an authentic sound, look, and smell you cannot replicate. Wood is also (generally) less expensive, it’s easier to set up, and it requires less maintenance. There’s also a more nostalgic factor associated with wood, inspiring memories of long evenings around campfires or fireplaces.

Gas fire pits offer a cleaner and healthier solution. For those who don’t particularly want to smell like a charcoal after sitting around a fire pit, gas is a better option. Comfort is also a consideration. It’s easier┬áto control the level of heat generated from a gas fire pit than with a wood-burning one.

Can It Be a Part of Your Landscaping?

Before you start building your fire pit, sit down and take a look at some sleek modern fire pits. Many homeowners prefer to choose a product that blends best with the overall outdoor environment. Others prefer a fire pit that stands out, acting as a primary feature piece of the backyard. No matter what kind of design you go with, it is vital that you consider fire safety, especially with wood-burning fire pits. Keep a broad distance between where embers might fly and any nearby trees, structure, or shrubbery.

Do You Need a Permit?

Once’ you’ve selected the type of fire pit you’d like, it is time to head down to City Hall and make sure that all the permits in order. Most cities have building codes and sometimes have required inspections, all designed to prevent potential fire hazards. To ensure fire pit safety, and to avoid potential fines, err on the side of caution and contact your local municipality.

Is Your Fire Pit Safe?

It cannot be stressed enough that a fire pit can be hazardous to your backyard if you are not careful enough. Before you build yours, ensure that there will be nothing easily flammable around and that even if a fire occurs, it will go out quick. Furthermore, brush up on fire safety around a fire pit, which will help you have a safe and fun time every time. Always remember to put out the fire or you could be risking someone accidentally getting hurt. In some cases, it will be a necessity to install protective screens as well, especially if you have pets and children running around.

Enriching your backyard with a fire pit does not stop at building it, you will have to think about its use and maintenance too. Unless you spend some time cleaning it and making sure that everything is ready for the next fire pit party, there could be problems. Being careful is a must, and you should not neglect fire safety no matter the occasion, however, once you make it a habit, you will be able to enjoy each gathering around the fire. All that remains now is to have some friends over, light up the fire, prepare marshmallows and enjoy the evening.

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