california green energy

The growth of solar installations and green technology in California soared in 2015 according to a new study by the Next 10 Economics. Capital Public Radio’s Bob Moffitt offered his insights on Next 10’s 2016 California Green Innovation Index in a recent radio broadcast.

“The new Next 10 Economics study showed that different parts of the state excelled in different aspects of solar generation. Riverside, San Bernardino and Ontario produced the most total commercial and residential solar power. Fresno topped the list of areas with industrial solar power production.”

The Founder of the Next 10 Economics research group, Mr. Noel Perry, expanded on his groups findings in a recent statement to the press, highlighting California’s role as the country’s leader in solar adoption, investment, and power generation.

“Another area that’s really important where we continue to lead is clean tech investment and patents. Once again, the most amount of clean technology investment has been in California compared with all the other states.”

Other highlights from the 2016 California Green Innovation Index included the following:

  • California increased its volume of solar energy generation by 1,378% between 2009 and 2014, also increasing wind generated power by 155%and biomass power 10% percent over the same five-year time-frame
  • 3,266 megawatts (MW) of solar power were installed in California just in 2015! That volume of solar power is higher than any other state in the Union, and brings the Golden State’s total up to 13,243 MW.
  • The average Californian’s average monthly electric bill in the year 2015 was 20% less than the average American’s due to higher levels of energy efficiency in the Golden State.
  • Clean tech organizations and businesses in California enjoyed 68% (almost $10 billion( of the total amount of clean tech investment made in the United States ($14.5 billion) in 2015.

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