How does your kitchen hold up before, during and after the holidays? Scratch that — how’s your kitchen looking now? It either looks clean and well-organized, or it’s the messy nightmare that all homeowners dread to see.

The kitchen is usually the heart of the home, and it’s the most used space of the house. If you find yourself constantly checking your fridge, cabinets and pantry for midnight snacks and other foods, you understand that the kitchen is where the action takes place most of the time.

Photo source: Pixabay
Photo source: Pixabay

The kitchen is the center of each home and so shall it be clean, organized and orderly. Everything falls smoothly and swiftly if you have a spick and span kitchen space. Here are 7 tips to get you on your way to an organized kitchen:

1. Start purging

A tidy kitchen is an efficient kitchen. Start your cleansing by pulling everything out of the cabinets and making an inventory. See if there are forgotten items that have been lurking in there for years. Look for things that have expired, duplicate purchases, broken items you should dispatch, and extraneous things you can donate or discard altogether.

Lose the sentimentality and be ruthless when going through all the items. Skip the “it can be used for later” alibi. This is especially vital if you have limited storage space. Keep only those items you need and use on a regular basis.

2. Organize by group

After emptying your cabinets and other storage spaces, sort all the items by group and keep them together. One of the easiest and best ways to organize a kitchen is by category.

Group all the baking goods and place them in one area. Group all the canned goods and give them their own space as well. The same goes for all your cooking items and spices. Provide each groups with their own home.

3. Organize your cabinets

Don’t place your frequently used items in a storage that will take more than a minimal effort to access. If you lack extra storage space, you can mix two groups and organize them in one cabinet efficiently.

Also, you wouldn’t place utensils in a drawer far from the prep area, would you? And the glassware, utensils and dishes in one storage with your seasonal items such as your chinaware and the likes, would you? The purpose of organizing your cabinet is by preserving time and motion. Going back and forth across your kitchen just to prepare a coffee is unlikely.

white cabinets in an organized kitchen
Photo source: Pixabay

4. Opt for clear containers

When looking for certain items, it would be easier and less time consuming if you had it stored in a clear container. It could be a clear Ziploc or a clear storage bin, so long as you can see through it and see where the gravy mix and other packet mixes go.

5. Make use of drawer dividers

If you haven’t tried them yet, drawer dividers are life savers you should definitely make use of in your kitchen drawers. Don’t you despise seeing your utensils drawers all messed up and jumbled? The solution is the dividers. It’s great for your cooking utensils and junk drawer.

A specific little space for your teaspoons and other miscellaneous items makes it easier to reach for them.

6. Maximize the walls

Homeowners often ignore the walls and keep them as is. If you do this as well, you’re not maximizing your kitchen’s full potential.

Use as much of the walls to create storage spaces for ultimate efficiency. In addition, command and adhesive hooks may come in handy for utilizing cabinet walls for extra storage. For instance, attaching a ceiling rack for holding pots and pans as well as hooks inside a cabinet to hold measuring cups and the likes.

7. Clear your counter-top

The final touch to achieve a well-organized and efficient kitchen is keeping a neat and open counter-top. In short, keep everything stored away and not stacked up on counter-tops. Not only will this touch make the kitchen tidy but also make it appear larger and airy.

Any tips or advice you’d like to share with us on how to keep an organized kitchen orderly and efficient? Leave a comment below!

About the Author: Chie Suarez is a passionate writer for PAAL Kit Homes, a company that manufactures and supplies steel-framed kit homes that help Australian families build their dream home. Chie has a deep interest in home design and decoration.