Chalk paint projects have become increasingly more popular. There are a multitude of DIY chalk paint projects available online. It is a simple way to add a touch of your own personal style to your home decor while also making something that has a purpose and can be utilized by all family members.

Below are five creative ideas for incorporating chalk paint or a chalkboard wall into your home or office:

1. Create a chalkboard accent wall in your home office.

If you work from home, you know that staring at the same four walls can become claustrophobic. You are always looking for ways to add some color or style and change up your surroundings. You probably also have only a small area that is your office, so you are limited in how you can decorate this small space that you spend at least eight hours in every day. By painting one wall with black chalkboard paint, you have created a decorative space that you can change every day. If you are artistic, you can draw pictures in chalk, erasing and creating something new every day, or every week.

You can also use chalk paint to create an amazing picture that looks like chalk. If you are always busy and your desk is full of papers, you can create your to-do list on the wall in front of you. Check things off as you complete them to make yourself feel like you have accomplished them. Create a visual board to help you get through the day. This is not only practical, but also saves you the need for cleaning service. The ideas are endless.

2. Turn your refrigerator into a chalkboard.

Paint the front of your refrigerator with black chalkboard paint. your refrigerator will still be magnetic, so you can still place your magnets over it. You can use this space to leave chalk notes for your kids or spouse, create reminders for yourself, or create a shopping list. When you are ready to go grocery shopping, just snap a quick pic with your phone of all the items your family members have scribbled on the fridge. Write your favourite quote for everyone to see. Create a meal plan and write the day’s menu every morning. The best part is, it can be erased when you are done in a quick home cleaning routine. You will not have little post-its or papers falling off and getting lost.

3. Create a decorative sign.

You can create amazing signs that stand out and look great both inside and outside your home. All you need is some chalkboard paint, a stencil, and colored chalk paint. First, create a chalkboard surface on the piece you have chosen to be your sign. It can be any shape, size, or material. Once dry, tape your stencil to the surface and brush your chalk paint on. It can be a quote, a letter, a symbol, anything you want. Work where you won’t make too big of a mess, as there is house cleaning to think about.

4. Re-purpose old wine bottles

Old wine bottles serve many DIY purposes, instead of only being garbage material during your cleaning service rounds. Take an old wine bottle, slap some chalkboard paint on it and decorate it. You can use chalk paint to create a nice design, glue some flowers, beads, twine or letters on to create a design. Or, use several bottles and one letter on each to create a word or quote. Again, the ideas are endless.

5. Create a safe space for the kids to draw on the wall.

If you have little kids, you know first hand they LOVE to draw on the wall. Sometimes they may even do a drawing on walls they are not supposed to, forcing you to address professional home cleaners. Why not use some chalkboard paint and create a safe space for them to do this? It will encourage your kids to be creative without wasting a ton of paper or ruining the walls. You can paint an entire wall, all the walls, or place a frame on the wall and fill the area in with paint. That will give them a place to practice their drawing skills without the requirement for you to call on cleaning companies.

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