A look at the California drought and the benefits of rainwater harvesting…

The crippling drought affecting California and much of the West Coast for the past several years has been devastating for farmers, wildlife, and the curb appeal of neighborhoods from San Diego to Santa Rosa. However, homeowners and land managers have developed a greater appreciation of the importance of water conservation as a result. Evidence of this silver lining can be found in the February 2nd release from that state’s water authorities that revealed a 25% water reduction by Californians since June of 2015.

One product niche benefiting from enhanced interest in water conservation is the ‘rain water harvesting’ industry. Rain water harvesting is a process by which building and home owners divert water from their gutters and/or storm drains into specialized collection barrels during the rainy months. The stored water can then be used during dry months for gardening and irrigation purposes as a supplement to regular fresh water supplies.

In the infographic below, have a look at five of the benefits of rainwater harvesting:

benefits of rainwater harvesting

Courtesy of: Accurate Leak & Line