kitchen design trends 2016

The kitchen is not only the focal point of a home, but also one of the biggest and potentially disruptive renovation projects you can undertake. Whatever your tastes, needs, or budget, the end result will be well worth it, sometimes it’s just getting started that is the challenge. Here’s a look at some of the emerging and evolving kitchen design trends that are set to be big in 2016, perhaps you’ll find some ideas for the heart of your home?!


Some interior designers predict that 2016 will be the year of the soft and muted color spectrum – think greys, neutral pastel tones such as pale blue, and tinted white shades. White will still be a feature of many kitchens, but these alternative shades offer new possibilities for anything from cabinets and surrounds to backsplash tiling. If you’re looking for further accent colors, then head for what’s known in the trade as ‘drier colors’ – this could mean pale yellow, and muted blue and green shades instead of a bold primary color.

If you do want to opt for brighter accents, then why not look to the ever growing range of modern tile designs, with patterns and styles that could swiftly become a feature in your home. There are even manufacturers, such as Fireclay Tile, who let you choose patterns and colors from over 100 choices to customize your own backsplash.

Materials and Style

The love for all things traditional and country shows no signs of dying down, and in the kitchen this means contemporary country design. The 2016 country kitchen is all about soft pastels, such as duck egg blue, which are paired with contrasting woods such as the richer walnut or mahogany.

Metallic finishes really took off in 2015 and they are back this year, and set to be more popular than ever. We’re looking at options for metal cooker hoods, brushed steel accessories such as kitchen taps, stools and socket covers, and gadgets such as kettles and saucepans finished in brass, copper, or a striking rose gold.

Smart Features

A cooker hood that retracts when not in use, the latest generation of taps that can either turn your water from regular to filtered, chilled, or sparkling, or produce a coffee on demand, and multi-functional furniture that can serve as both worktop and table for small spaces, these are just some of the smart features coming to kitchens in 2016.

Other kitchen design trends include sockets and charging points neatly hidden in special charging draws for all your devices, hidden cupboards, built in smart appliances, draws that open on touch, and even integrated kitchen roll holders are all things that will make the best use of space in a kitchen, and make your life easier.

Whether you are looking to order a ready-made kitchen or choose every last detail in a bespoke design to suit your space and storage needs, there are plenty of options out there, from rich wood, to glossy PVC, deep draws to smart taps. The designers have had their say on which of these kitchen design trends they think will be big in 2016, maybe now it’s time to have yours and decide what will be a big feature in your new kitchen.

Guest Author Contribution: William Durrant is the managing director of Herringbone Kitchens, a Canterbury based kitchen designer and installer. For kitchen inspiration visit one of their kitchen showrooms in Kent, England.