A leaky roof can be a sure way to ruin the day. But more than that, a leaking roof can also cause extensive internal and external home damage, leading to high costs of repair. If you have a leaking roof, it’s important that you identify the cause for quick and efficient correction. According to remodeling contractor TrueSon Exteriors, “The weakest link to your home or business, is unfortunately likely going to be right over your head. Over the long run, preventative roof maintenance and effective repairs to your roof can save you thousands of dollars.” Here are some of the most common causes of roof leaks that you should be aware of:

There’s a Crack in the Chimney

If you have a chimney on your home, then a crack in your chimney may be the cause of your leaky roof. Most cracks in the chimney are easy to spot with the naked eye; look for signs of deterioration around the mortared joints and around the chimney’s top. Often times, the fix is as simple as replacing the mortar.

The Gutters Need a Cleaning

If it’s been awhile since your gutters where cleaned, a clog or backup in the gutters may be the cause of your leaking roof. Here’s why: gutters are responsible for allowing excess water to flow away from the roof. When the gutters are clogged, the moisture may build up, and have no place to go other than seeping through the cracks of the roof. Like a crack in the chimney, clogged gutters are both easy to identify and correct.

Shingles are Missing or Broken

The shingles on the roof are one of the most important aspects of protecting the roof from moisture seepage and damage. When shingles are missing or broken, though, water can often find its way in. Weather and excessive wind is most commonly the cause of missing or destroyed shingles. Luckily, you should be able to spot any missing shingles just by looking at your roof – the sooner you have the shingles replaced or repaired, the sooner you can put an end to any moisture leaks.

Cracked Flashing

If you don’t know what flashing is, you’re not alone. Flashing are the large pieces of metal, or metal sheets, under the shingles on your roof that help to create a barrier against water. When broken, big and visible cracks will be noticeable. Unless you’re familiar in roofing, cracks in flashing should be left up to the professional. Shingles will have to be removed and flashing will have to be replaced – a job that should be reserved for an expert only.

Take Action to Fix Your Leaky Roof

The longer you wait to repair your leaky roof, the greater your risk of extensive home damage. To schedule a free roofing assessment today, call your local professionals now.

Visit http://freshome.com/2014/10/07/the-10-most-common-causes-of-roof-leaks/ to learn more about potential leaky roof causes.