Choosing a fence involves careful selection. A fence has to function effectively in a number of ways. It may have to secure a pet like a large dog or it may be needed to enhance the privacy of a property. While choosing a fence for functionality is one thing, homeowners also have to select a style that suits their aesthetic and will complement their home. If you are in the market for a new fence, the following types and styles are some of the popular options you will likely see.

Privacy Fences

Homeowners that want more privacy to enclose a pool area or patio often choose wood fencing as it is affordable, durable, and complements the natural scenery of the property. Redwood, pine, and spruce are popular options. Weather treated, these woods can last a long time. Some homeowners may prefer rustic planks that prevent viewing while others may prefer decorative border to enhance the solid screening of the wood fence. Vinyl fencing is another great option for privacy. Moreover, it is economical and designed to withstand the elements. Additionally, “It is made from PVC, so it doesn’t rot or warp like wood.” (1)

Security Fencing

Security fencing is another popular type of fence. This type of fencing discourages trespassing yet may still complement the beauty of the landscape. For instance, tall wrought-iron fences topped with arrows that discourage climbing make excellent security fences. Steel fencing is another great option for security and it can complement a modern setting or urban property.


Many homeowners want a fence that prevents the dog from wandering about and provides some security for the kids at play. They may even want their property line delineated by a fence for all sorts of reasons. Chain link fencing is another great option that is multi-purpose, durable, and affordable. On the other hand, some wood and vinyl styles can also serve various needs too. The idea is to choose a material type and style that will meet all the household’s needs.

Homeowners should also keep in mind that they can also install “custom built fence.”  (2) When you work with your general contractor, you can design an outstanding result where form and function come together for a seamless fit.



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